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Okay it is the weekend, so as always we are going to dance; starting off this weekend is falling in love by south African Girl group "Gal Level"

Now readers check out this clip of movies by Jackie

MNET Face of Africa is back! Okay so you missed the audition in Naija! Not to worry there is always next year but just so you know what you missed out on if you were trying to become the FACE OF AFRICA check out this video clip below:

Now Ankara, oh how I love Ankara Well here are some fabulous Ankara Styles for you all


Once you put on your liquid foundation using your face sponge. Be sure to finish it off with finishing powder . Want recomendations? Email me about that or leave a comment. Be sure to use a KABUKI brush to apply the finishing powder! It is worth it and it makes a huge difference
Thats it for now what are your plans this weekend?
Etisalat Nigeria witnessed an influx of visitors to its web site as Nigerians sought to reserve special numbers on Etisalat’s network. The website apparently had over 8 million hits in less than one week with thousands already reserving their special numbers on Etisalat’s network. It is now in the the top 100 sites visited in Nigeria!

Speaking on the development, Etisalat’s Vice President of Marketing, Wael Ammar, said ‘we are excited that Nigerians are reserving their numbers already in thousands. This is indeed a unique opportunity to join an outstanding network and enjoy free airtime for life’. He went on further to state that the company had expanded the technological backbone supporting the unique 0809uchoose website to cope with increased traffic and ease the registration process for would-be subscribers.

Etisalat’s 3-in-1 welcome package to subscribers was announced last week and tagged 0809uchoose. It gives interested Nigerians and subscribers of existing mobile networks an opportunity to choose any of the one million lines available within the 0809 8 000 000 – 0809 8 999 999 range. Apart from the Gold, Silver and Bronze range of numbers which attract a nominal charge, 95% of the numbers are free and so are the SIM cards.

All subscribers who reserve and eventually get any of the 1 million numbers available will also get 300 seconds of free airtime each and every month (which can be used on and off net) for the rest of their life time as long as they remain on the Etisalat network. Director Brands and Communications, Etisalat Nigeria, Yinka Akande, has also promised that this is only the beginning of exciting times for GSM subscribers in Nigeria as Etisalat is set to introduce more exciting innovations that will make subscribers enjoy more on the network.

At the moment, the company has also kicked off the road shows for its 0809uchoose campaign in 6 cities across Nigeria. The cities are Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Kano, Kaduna and Abuja. The road shows will afford Nigerians an opportunity to meet with sales ambassadors of Etisalat who will help them reserve their own numbers on the network.source

Now that is why I love Brand Marketing! What do you say readers? Did you reserve a number? I want to know!
Today, I am going to list some interesting videos and also take on Ankara style! Incidentally, I am under the weather today; that not withstanding, Blogging must go on!

Okay to start off here is our very own URU! with here brand new video!

Now onto what you have been waiting for the parody on Bleaching in Africa

The ladies did a good job.
Now check this clip out on Tyra Banks Show " A lady bleaches her kids skin with BLEACH!" What is the world coming to?

So what are you up to today readers?
Okay to all the folks who did not believe star actress Stephanie Okereke is on her way to Hollywood fame, think again! Her latest movie (produced in Hollywood) is certainly going to be a must see movie. Check out pictures from the set exclusively on Naijagal!

Your favorite fashion celebrity entertainment business all inclusive blog!

Here is the movie's storyline;

"Jeffrey [Garret Mckenchnie] lives the ultimate bachelor's life through numerous non committed relationships, but struggles to excel at work and gain his father's love and acceptance.
Jeffrey's life gets more intriguing when life deals him a card that stops him in his track. On a typical day, he returns from work to find a note "take care of your responsibility" Left on top a baby abandoned on his doorstep. In nothing short of what is scary, confusing and comedic, he turns to his Nigerian neighbour, Ada [Star actress Stephanie Okereke] who he has a secret crush on to help him."

What happens to the baby and what about his crush on Ada? Will he become commited? That readers will have to wait till you see the move. Enjoy the preview though

Fyi this movie was directed by Stephanie Okereke! Isn't that amazing? What do you say readers?
Oil-rich Nigeria enjoys 'brain gain'

The Associated Press
Sunday, September 21, 2008

LAGOS, Nigeria: They speak in the clipped tones of the British upper class or the soft drawl of southern California. They boast degrees and work experience from elite overseas institutions. And now they're coming home.

Nigerians who left their homeland to seek riches abroad are increasingly returning as Africa's biggest oil producer rides an energy bonanza that is opening up unprecedented opportunities.

Abiola Lawal, 41, is part of this "brain gain."

He was earning a six-figure salary with business software giant SAP AG in southern California before he returned to Nigeria in 2005 after 17 years abroad, joining a major Nigerian energy firm, Oando PLC, as chief strategy officer.

"There are lots of 30- and 40-something-year-olds who are CEOs in this country, and that would never be in the States or the U.K. because the experience pool is much deeper there," said Lawal. "In the States I will have opportunities, but not at the level we are getting them in Nigeria, and that's the reality."

While most of Nigeria's 140 million citizens are deeply impoverished, some parts of the waterfront commercial capital of Lagos are becoming mini boomtowns.

With petrodollars strengthening the economy and the government deregulating key industries, Nigeria's telecommunications, banking and energy sectors are growing at double and sometimes triple digit rates, with stock prices to match. The overall economy is forecast to grow at about 9 percent in 2008.

This growth has created a growing appetite for internationally business savvy recruits. Many companies now organize career fairs in major cities in the U.S. and Europe, seeking to personally woo Africans with overseas training and work experience.

For many Nigerian expatriates, it's a tempting proposal: the chance to contribute to the development of their country while enjoying compensation packages that often include fast-track promotion, housing, a maid, a car and a driver.

No firm figures exist for how many Nigerians educated or working overseas are coming home. But recruitment companies report hundreds of applications for each job they advertise and up to 85 percent of the applicants are Nigerians working in the West.

Shola Ajani, who runs recruitment company Maximise Potentials, says that in the last three years the company has placed 700 Nigerian expatriates in professional jobs in their homeland. Their portal,, has a database of some 10,000 Nigerians living overseas who have registered their interest in repatriating, he says.

Nigeria has always seen some of its diaspora return home, a process kick-started by the end of three decades of military rule in the country in 1999. But brain gain "has taken a new dimension in the past year," as the economy booms, says Ade Odutola of another recruitment site, which has grown nearly threefold in the past year. "We are seeing greater awareness of the opportunities in Africa by Africans in the diaspora."

Word is spreading fast. Internet communities such as the Move Back Club put new "repats" in touch with those hoping to make the move.

Recruitment companies say brain gain is running at the highest levels in Nigeria. But they say flagging Western economies are pushing more young professionals toward other fast growing, if sometimes volatile, markets such as South Africa and, more recently, Ghana.

The contrast between the often high-living ways of repats and other rich elite — such as politicians and oil tycoons — and the circumstances of ordinary Nigerians can be jarring.

Misuse of government funds and widespread corruption has left Nigeria's infrastructure crumbling. Few people have access to reliable electricity, decent schools and health clinics or flushing toilets.

In the few comparatively posh sections of Lagos, high security gated compounds have sprung up, roads have been resurfaced and glistening shopping malls opened. The elite can be seen quaffing champagne and dining on sushi in air-conditioned restaurants while outside, beggars and street children guard their immaculate SUVs.

Nigeria's government isn't complaining. It has set up groups such as the "Nigerians in the Diaspora Organisation" to encourage Nigerians living and working overseas to come back and share their skills.

"These people are interested in staying and rebuilding their homeland, not just seizing the opportunity and then leaving back for overseas," says John Ejinaka, a senior consular official involved in the multimillion dollar effort. "It's a great opportunity for all of us."

Erabor Okogun, a 34-year old business consultant, studied in Britain and held a job with Transport for London, the government body that runs London transport system. He returned to Nigeria in 2003 to work for the Transnational Corporation of Nigeria PLC — a vast conglomerate with interests across the hospitality, energy, telecommunications and trade sectors.

He said salaries are high in Nigeria, but that companies get what they pay for.

"Yes, we command above and beyond what is normally expected for employees in Nigeria," he said, swirling a glass of cognac. "But in terms of work output, ethics, ideas and concepts the company gets a lot of value. The economy gets a lot of value."

Of course, he said, there are drawbacks to moving back to a deeply corrupt country that receives only a couple of hours of state-provided power each day. Roads are filled with potholes and snarled with traffic. Rates of gun crime are high in the disorderly city.

"In the U.K. everything has its place, there's an order to things: That's what I miss most," says Okugun. "And that's what I want to create here."

For some Nigerian repats being able to watch, and participate in, the development of their nation is sufficient reward. But for most there's another message that trumps all: "You can write your name in gold in Nigeria," says Okogun with a smile.
According to the dragons den sweeper's diary

"Students of martial arts are taught to FOCUS, to CONCENTRATE their energies towards every dynamic challenge, because victory hardly smiles on scattered efforts. In business, the technique absolute concentration is paramount in obtaining the desired result and overcoming every obstacle present in the journey to successful achievements. Upholding the most elementary technique required for business success, the dragons return in episode 8 like the wise business tacticians that they are, guiding the entrepreneurs through the basic principles of focus and concentration of skills, energy, and efforts to the successful actualization of one particular goal at a time. We watched Chris Parkes, John Momoh, Ibukun Awosika, Femi Tejuoso, and Tokunboh Ishmael as they lit the den with the fire of their business wisdom.

Capitalizing on the booming fashion industry, and the increasing desire by women to look attractive, our first entrepreneur for episode 8 was the fashionably dressed microbiologist, Ayobola Adediji. She came to pitch a “one-stop-beauty place” to the dragons. Her idea was to combine a beauty spa, hair salon, a pedicure and manicure clinic, and a make-up shop in one big beauty mall.

Ibukun Awosika seemed to have warmed up to Ayobola immediately, complimenting her nice suit. Half way into her presentation, she revealed her plans to acquire one plot of land, of which she would lease out one-half to a developer, and build her beauty place on the other half. But the dragons soon became uncomfortable with her projections. She had stated earlier that she was buying the full plot of land for 6.5 million naira, whereas she expected to generate an income of 10 million by leasing one-half to a developer. Femi Tejuoso could not see the logic in this – he wondered why the developer would pay her 10 million naira for half a plot for 10 years when he can buy a full plot next door for just 6.5 million naira.

Tokunboh Ishmael and Ibukun Awosika seemed to like the idea. Though they couldn’t invest at the moment, but they encouraged the entrepreneur to fine-tune her plan and forge ahead.

“Get my details from the producers, I’d like to spend time with you (to discuss this business further)” Tokunboh Ishmael offered as her farewell words. "

Great idea as a one shop stop beauty place, however, what I find missing here is the whole concept behind the beauty place. Perhaps she should start small or is she now in the real estate business? It just did not strike me as though she were trying to make money from the beauty biz but through leasing out the other half to the developer. Why in the world would a developer want to lease from you? Well I do think the one stop beauty place would be viable business because women in Nigeria are fascinated with beauty.
Case in the point all the cosmetics lines coming out and the rate at which mary kay has become part of a lot of women in Nigeria's daily lives. Okay enough of my rant today, what is your take on this readers?
Well it is nice to see Banky making it happen in Naija! I will have to say the move home was definitely a good thing! Check out the Advertising video below

What do you say readers? Hit or Miss?

Next is a video by KEENO makes you want to call your mama so go ahead! Show her you love her right now!

Now onto brand Wedding links for my wedding fans! (Please do not crash the weddings ok potiential wedding crashers)
Amaka and Ogie


These ones have passed but they are so beautiful!
Folashade and Samson

Well readers thats it for now watch out for more later!

Hey readers what are you thoughts on the new video? I love it, eldee nailed it! Could this be the future of video production in Naija?
MTV Base remakes Olu Maintain’s Yahozee video
Written by Lolade Sowoolu
Saturday, 13 September 2008
When local and international parties team up for a common purpose, the result is always explosive as long as both teams agree on the course.
Olu Maintain’s Yahozee king
This explosion is what Nigerians await as Music Television Base (MTV) draws up Nigeria’s technical video professionals and experienced foreign directors for a remake of Olu Maintain’s Yahoozee video.

In a media gathering that held at the Jade Chinese restaurant last Thursday, officials of MTV Base represented by Paul Mayanya; Senior Commercial Manager, MTV Africa and Mr. Toney Okenedo; Media Relations, Shell, unveiled the concept of MTV base Making Videos with Shell- the second edition but first in Nigeria.

According to Paul Mayanya, “ For us music videos are our lifestyle. They are essential to our existence. So to be able to showcase and play the very best videos across Africa, we can actually help artistes with their props thereby improving the quality of music videos across the continent..”

This year’s edition will involve four countries namely South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. An occasion that will pair Nigeria’s Olu Maintain with Ghana’s Hip Life artist, Okyeame Quame.

It will also pull sixteen accomplished Nigerian technical directors into a competition among themselves in a group of fours. The battle will take place in six days under foreign technical supervision and instruction and the winning team will eventually reproduce Olu’s Yahozee video with Shell’s support.

Some of the short-listed Nigerian professionals include Wudi Awa, Gbenga Saluyi, Afam D Man, Akin Alabi, Dayo Ayodele and Yvonne- the only female in the selection. Yahozee video remake is expected to premiere on the 20th of this month.

Olumide Edwards Adegbolu aka Olu Maintain who did very well in concealing his excitement at the conference, opined that the MTV Base Making The Videos with Shell was a good platform for the Nigerian music industry and that he felt blessed being the ‘chosen among the few’. His Ghanaian counterpart, Quame, also said that he looked forward to infusing his style of music into Olu’s.

Asked how Olu Maintain’s Yahozee was singled out of all the other popular and successful songs in Nigeria, Paul Mayanya was quick to say that the project sought to patronize great music on video.

“We want a song recognisable by the people and it’s not really about the artiste here but the directors. Yes, Olu has great music but the focus is the directors.”

The Shell representative, Mr. Toney Okenedo explained the attraction of the energy producing giants to music videos. He said the company believe and are strong advocates of transference of technology which is why they are getting on the project a second time.

Rymzo on the move again

Just before Nigeria’s number one Rock ‘n’ Roll singer Church Hill Esosa de Gusto aka Rymzo dropped his latest single ‘Satisfy Me’ a couple of weeks back, the rock singer had been largely absent from the music scene especially with regards to major music shows and his television presence waned too.

As ‘Satisfy Me’ continues to do well on radio especially after staying in No. 1 position on Rhythm Top 7 for a while, we sought out the dread lock-wearing musician and he explained his reasons for lying low.

“I’m just chilling. I’m getting set for my next album which is my third but I’m waiting for the mess at hand to clear. I’ve been having problems with the marketers of my last album, that is the label- Alec Music so am trying to stop them from marketing them. I’m waiting for it all to clear before I drop my new work, but I’ve been playing shows in the Niger Delta”, he said.

Rymzo who started playing music professionally about thirteen years ago didn’t drop his first album until 2004 but for two years now, the rock banger with West Indies, Benin and Bayelsa parentage has not dropped any videos and may not be doing so until about three months time; the reason being that he has to travel to Europe to shoot.

“ My promo video (Satisfy me) will not be ready until three months time because I featured a foreign artist called Emiliano and he is based in Vienna, Austria. So I have to go and meet him to make the video ready”.

The singer who is currently on tour around the country also revealed that his third effort is ready and contains thirteen tracks with a lot more collaboration with foreign artists. When asked about his reason(s) for foreign preference when it comes to collaboration, the singer said working with international artists is easier than working with Nigerian artists and besides his music is stable.

In his own words, “ Most of the Nigerian artists that I think are capable of being on the same song with me seem to always claim to be busy and am an artist who doesn’t have time to wait for anybody. I don’t need anybody to push my music ‘cos my music is really stable.”

The album scheduled to drop in March is titled ‘Overdose’ and contains ninety-five per cent club bangers and boasts of tracks like; Just Bounce, Green White Green, Overdose and of course, Satisfy Me.

Oh my I am so in love with makeup artistry these days; the way an african queen looks after her wedding makeup artist enhances her look. Well today also is my special day, so I guess you are in for a treat. First off my quick chat with Star Make up artist "Banke Meshida"
Naijagal: Hi Banke nice to chat with you!

Banke Meshida:Thanks for the mention over the years on your much visited blog

Naijagal: Thanks lets get started when did you get started?
Banke Meshida: I started in 1998

Naijagal: Do you work everyday? Ladies want to know.
Banke Meshida: Yes i do. Monday through Wednesdays in the hair and makeup studios in ikoyi or at photoshoots with TYBELLO or training in the studio.

Naijagal:What inspired your makeup line?
Banke Meshida: Colors and the fact i was always concocting things and mixing textures and brands to get certain effects and looks...

Naijagal: thats great, another question readers want to know is what are your favorite eye shadow colors?
Banke Meshida: I have two favourites!!!... fuscia pink and copper.

Naijagal: Those are really nice colors! Now how about foundation?
Banke Meshida: It changes every the moment its IMAN.

Naijagal: Now what would you recommend brides do to prepare for their makeup artists on that special day?
Banke Meshida: Use BMPRO skin brightening essence and follow my skincare routine. infallible combination really!

Naijagal: Aside for makeup artistry, what do you do for fun?
Banke Meshida: I absolutely love to sing and listen to music...KEYSHIA COLE at the moment....

Naijagal:Thanks Banke for having a quick chat with us.
BM:Thanks Naijagal

Well there it is readers, to reach Banke you can visit her studio at Ikoyi Mall, 1 Bank Road off 2nd Avenue Ikoyi


Tyra Banks recently had a show about women who bleach ( no news there) but the crazy part is how some ladies have taken it to a whole new level! Washing their face with bleach, Madness
Now for all who use fair and white etc here is what you need to know

Did you know that some of these creams contain 14% hydroquinne? A dermatologist would tell you 4% is the maximum and only be used on small spots to reduce scarring; what we see instead are women who use the creams over their entire bodies.

" But is the result worth the risk -- even if the risk is cancer? Read on for the scary side effects of these controversial creams.

Even small doses of Mercury can cause neurological damage. This concern is so great, Minnesota has outlawed cosmetics like skin lighteners that intentionally feature it. But some "mom and pop" shops carry creams with that contain extreme levels of such ingredients.

This component of many skin-bleaching techniques is also found in film developing products. (Note: Your body is a work of art, but should you treat it like a chemically processed photo in a darkroom? We think not!) The idea of using this ingredient didn't sound good to the French, who banned it for fear of cancer risks.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids
These are most commonly found in facial chemical peels, which are better known as procedures reserved for serious and infrequent skin overhauls administered by professionals. These should not be in anything you use at home regularly.


Most people hear this word and immediately think "poison," which is exactly what arsenic is. Not something you want to find on the list of ingredients in your face cream, but that might be the case with some skin lighteners. "

Well readers what do you say? By the way I had a quick break yesterday on my special day!

Children's clothes business would work in Nigeria as seen in the video below. My favorite.

Apprentice Africa Video Clip!

Finally for Naijas Diaspora or otherwise, want a new high paying naija job? Be sure to check out workforce nigeria blog!

I am blessed readers, this is my favorite song! I hope you love it too. Naijagal gets pretty emotional when this song is played, whatever tribulations you are going through today, just know that it too will pass. You too will speak when the storm is over. Stay blessed and remember to have beautiful eyes see the good in others!
This week, we will be profiling Naija's own makeup artists. The landscape is certainly changing a star makeup artist is a must for brides in Nigeria.

The ladies profiled this week are makeup artist's enterprenuers making things happen on their own!

The market is ready and moving forward. We start our profile today with "Lise" Makeup Artist with her own store in Ikoyi Eni Balogun!

Lise with Nollywood superstar

We got a chance to chat with Lise and here is what we gathered!

Naijagal: When did you get into makeup artistry?

Lise: I got into makeup artisty back in 1999

Naijagal: wow...Do you work everyday

Lise: No ,not everyday ..but I try to work everyday

Naijagal: What inspired your makeup line?

Ladies graduating from Lise's school

Lise: Actually ,My experience in the field making use of different products inspired my line...I basically wanted to create wearable makeup for the woman of color cathering to the african climate.

Naijagal: That is truly inspiring...we naijagal's appreciate it; out of your collection what is your favorite eye shadow color?

Lise: My favorite eye shadow color is the lise remix shadow in STARRYNIGHT

Naijagal:A lot of lines are out there in the market consisting of just pencils and gloss but no makeup foundation. What is your favorite makeup foundation?

Lise: Well we have makeup foundation in our collection..My favorite foundation is the Lise flawless finish foundation in Chestnut.

Naijagal: What do you recomend brides do to prepare for their makeup artists?

Lise:.Drink lots of water and keep a fresh and clean face

Naijagal: That is definitely great advice, a clean face sure goes a long way and finally Aside for makeup artistry, what do you do for fun?

Lise: Wow...not a tough one,I play HOUSE....(laughing) Just do what I enjoy most with my three girls and my Prince....

Naijagal: Wonderful a wife mom and successful enterprenuer! You are blessed!

Lise: Thanks!

Naijagal: Thanks for chatting with Naijagal

Lise: Thanks and keep up the good work with your blog!

Naijagal: Thank you, Well ladies I told you this is going to be your week; Be sure to reach Lise by contacting her at LISE STUDIO No 52 Awolowo Rd,ikoyi, Lagos and be sure to tell her Naijagal sent you okay?

Okay we came across this line called "Sleek" Well here is their video.

A friend is working on an oil free foundation will keep you posted in tommorow's post! What do you say readers?
Hey readers
How do you love the new look? Well check out THE new video from Morachi! This guy is going places or what do you say?


Now the movie premiere on Naijagal TIGER EYES ENJOY!

More to come hope you are having a wonderful sunday, stay blessed!
Sunday, 07 September 2008

House of Jola creations, owned by Nigeria's own Joan Okorodudu, produced yet another collection that redefined African fashion at this year's SA Sanlam Fashion Week (Spring-Summer Collections) 2008. The show which held at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannessburg from the 27th to 30th August , for the first time featured four Nigerian home based designers , who showcased collections that bespoke Africa in culture and style.

Eyo...Model of House of Jola collections at the SA fashion weekIt was fashion fantasy, at its best as Joburg’s fashion crowd, gathered at the Sandton Convention Centre for the three days show, which had a blend of South Africa's finest designer talents showcased their collections. They were all there, skinny black and white models showing lots of skin, fashionnistas dressed to kill, girls in bling accessories everywhere, the nice, the funky, the hip and the just plain strange. The street outside the Convention Centre filled on a Spring night with the champagne drinking fashion set, gave the feel of a real city.

About 42 designers participated at this year's show, with about five to seven shows a day, each holding at the North wing and centre stage of the Convention centre at different times. High profile designers at the show included Abigail Betz, Black Coffe, Story, Mantsho, Stoned Cherie House of Ole and Clive Rundle, with exciting new names like NNvintage, Patra Ruga and Diamond Face Couture. House of Jola, leading the pack of Nigerian designers Frank Osodi, Soul and Thread, made their debute on the runway on the third day of the show. Working with a lot of animal skin, ostrich leather and jeans with a fusion of ankara and other African fabric, House of Jola created tailored pieces with slim silohette that were highly appreciated and adjuged the best by the fashion adience. For Frank Osodi,of House Of Bunor, its summer, a time to express one's self. This he did with a collection which featured brightly coloured, body concious corsets and dresses that flirted down the runway. In all, the collections were comfortable, with an air of freedom and vibrancy.

In addition to this season's show, SSAFW, had the first and biggest designer retail space, where the public purhcased their favourite designer's pieces straight off the runway.

It was no doubt the business of fashion, as there were a choice of over a hundred booths selling the season's most exquisite garmets, accesories, jewelry and shoes. Models for the show, with about 80% of them from the house of jola, now Isis Model South Africa, had their hair and make-up done by Redken and MAC, making sure that this season's collection was properly complimented by beautiful eyes, lips and hair.

The summer sizzle show closed on Saturday, 30th August, with a collection by Terrence Bray, working with crafter from the Kwazulu Natal, and an onward movement of the crowd to the 5fm and FTV official SSAFW Afterparty.
I am working on a really good post today so stay tuned.....