Okay here the recap from the densweepers diary:

"Entrepreneur, Ms. Odewinge, was confident, brutally honest, and very relaxed in the presence of the dragons. She had a strong personality that seemed to be on the cocky side. She was looking for 3 million naira (for 10%) to invest in a business she called “Start-Up City”, a company that would guide and mentor start-up businesses, and start-up professionals through the challenges of starting a business. She presented impressive statistics on the number of start-up businesses that fail within their first year of operation; statistics that Ibukun Awosika noted were almost accurate. Ibukun Awosika also identified the need for what she was trying to do, but failed to see the business sense in it, Alexander Amosu seconded Ibukun Awosika’s point-of-view, opining that it was going to be difficult to get someone who was starting up a business to part with 80, 000 naira in order to receive guidance. At this point, after Alexander Amosu, Ibukun Awosika, and Femi Tejuoso had opted out, this entrepreneur went into an emotional overdrive in a subtle manner, where she revealed that part of the reason why she was in the den was to experience first- hand what start-up companies and entrepreneurs go through when they go in search of investments, and secondly, she confessed that she was in the den for the publicity her appearance would give her business. This revelation did not settle well with Alex Amosu who opined that this entrepreneur was manipulative, and expressed his disapproval to being used as an experiment. But Ms. Odewinge stood her grounds, and this character trait must have impressed the duo of John Momoh and Chris Parkes who invested 1 million naira for 10% equity, and 2 million naira for 20% equity respectively.

She got a deal, shook hands with two new successful business partners. And she went down in the history of Dragons Den Nigeria as the first lady to slay the dragons.

Obv: What do you think was responsible for her ability to win John Momoh and Chris Parkes over? Her eloquence, confidence, or cockiness; was it her audacity or brutal honesty to confess to the dragons that she had come to the den for an experiment with the dragons, and as a publicity gimmick?

**Alexander Amosu disapproved of her ploy to conduct her ‘start-up’ experiment on the dragons, and felt strongly that she should have given way to other entrepreneurs more deserving of some ‘dragons-attention’ and not merely appearing in the den as a publicity gimmick.

Okay here is my take I love that Ms Odemingie stood her ground and got the money but I personally would not reveal that I am on a show for the publicity even though that might be the case. Well I must say confidence wins every time or am I wrong?


MI said...
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MI said...

Love this story. It proves 3 things - 1) that people still believe in supporting start up businesses and Entrepreneurs, 2) that just because several people say 'no' does not mean everybody will and 3) Determination and tenacity always wins out.

What's exciting for me; is our business is about uniting entrepreneurs together to offer support - so there's hope for us yet!

Heidi Weir

Standtall said...

I am yet to watch this show. Pls which station shd I search? Awosika of Fate Foundation?
I will always check ur blog for update though

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