A delightful intelligent movie enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed it. What did you think about the movie readers?


Godisalive said...

wow very nice movie i must say. Im not one for nollywood movies but i like Miss G. Wasnt she cute in d movie? Her big boned friend is funny abeg.

If i were Jemima, I would also choose Frederick cuz she had so much in common with Sadiq and I think they would have got bored of being in the same field. I personally would.

Tx once again 4 d movie

Anonymous said...

wow.... good movie. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Ta, for the blogging.

Anonymous said...

wow.... good movie. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Ta, for blogging.

coolgal said...

@godisalive yes it is a totally different movie from the others and genny was quite cute. I kinda wished she had ended up with sadiq

@anonymous thanks I really appreciate your comments:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful movie!! For a person that gets bored of naija movie like me i must say this one blew me away. The Ibru chic added the right dose of humor to it! Great writting ** Thank God naija is finally getting there** and awesome directing!

I was torn between the two guys, but i guess it took her leaving Frederick for a few days/weeks for him to realize what he has! U know what they say about taking someone for granted! Nice moview sha!
Thanks for posting!!

ps: Genny was looking on point!!! Chic just upp'd the game in the naija movie industry....I see some Carrie Badshaw in her!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

Thanks for posting this. Thoroughly enjoyed it!


Ah, a recommended movie. Will be watching it once i get some peace and quiet around here. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed this movie..........simply awesome! thanks naijagal......u rock!

acainto said...

Really loved it- script, directing, lighting, acting was superb and really came together! Best Naija I've seen so far- I actually wanna get the DVD! Keep it up, Nollywood!