Readers in the east coast, the concert is on right now on VH1 watch to see 9ice!
Oh my what a blessing, check out a video of our very own 9ice performing Gongo Aso at Mandela's 90th birthday concert. Very nice he is really talented!

Toni I have to say this here you are truly and really blessed!

Next stop, I know we hear a lot about home not moving or as we say selling in the US but here is an agent you ought to know in this down market.

1. Writer/Real Estate Consultant for hot blog Nova Home Living, Isoken

Isoken is certainly a good and knowledgeable real estate agent; she works with both buyers and sellers in today's market. She offers tips for selling your home

What should you do before selling your home?
Meet with the real estate agent. Find out what they are going to offer in terms of marketing and showing your home to prospective buyers. Another question I would ask is would your home be listed in the multiple listing service?

What sets an agent apart from other agents in today's market?
Once again it comes down to service, how well do you service your clients? Are you a full service agent or a discount service agent.

Is there a difference?
Yes there is.

Agents who are full service would work with you as a buyer/seller depending on the company with a pledge to full service. A discount broker may simply have limited marketing and could wait for other agents to bring the buyers to your home listing.

What do you do differently?
I work as a full service agent meaning I market the home via the web creating a video virtual tour of your home, high quality photography, Open houses, broker's open etc. Being part of Gen Y, I use a lot of social networking (viral marketing) to get you home out there. I perform a price trend analysis regarding the price of homes sold, under contract and active in your area.

Sounds like you do a lot, do you sleep?
When I can, I also run a real estate and wedding photography business

When do you get paid? To list or?
I only get paid when your property is sold or if as a buyer you buy your new home :-)

It really has been a pleasure talking with you what areas do you service?
Virginia, Maryland and I also have referral partnerships with other agents all over the country.

Which means you can refer me to an good agent anywhere in the country?
Yes Naijagal.... It would be a pleasure to do so

Thanks for chatting with Naijagal and thanks for the info.
Like wise Naijagal, keep up the good work.

Now readers a fun new wedding website for you!

Hot hot hot wedding website of Shola and Tunde, I love it

Naijagals need koboko? Readers are you feeling this song?

Hi readers, wow is all I can say regarding this movie! it is a must see; usually I watch my nollywood movies just to while away time not so in this case. The movie was pack with intrigue, great story line and most of all good acting. Stephanie Okereke, acted her part really well.

Van Vicker also did his quite well too. Well my next movie this week is Broken Tears. Will let you all know how this goes.

What is new this weekend with readers, I enjoy reading your comments!
pic by

Okay readers do not be mad at your dear naijagal, I know it has been a while and well I am back and ready to "mingle" or is that how it goes.
The wedding song of the year definitely goes to PSQUARE hands down

Say readers will you come to Naijagal's wedding? Well you have to buy the "gele"

Okay, I know you would rather I get down to business so here goes!

Wedding Website list! 2008. Please this post is not an invitation to attend the wedding of the couples listed and should by no means be construed as such.

I love this first site, nothing like a mix of two cultures, yoruba and Ibo.

Tope and her hubby to be Chukwudi

Next stop.
Gosh I have got the wedding bug readers, so fine!

Mollie and Nemu

Evana and Chinedu, nice couple great pictures, kai, love is sweet!

Chinedu says no one like Evana
Brenda and Emmanuel
Brenda and Emmanuel
Mark and Broadwin
The cutest couple

Oiza and Tare

Whew thats it for now readers! Question readers, who is the hottie in the psquare video, not peter not paul not the guy on the drums but the one on the keyboard? Naijagal wants to know
Yes readers I have been missing you all, I promise to get back to regular blogging.

So much has been going on.

FIVE dollars gas in San Diego California, Now why are folks complaining? it is only 10 dollars in Paris per gallon!

Could this be it? Amazing!!!!
Yes it is the weekend and we are certainly saddened at the passing of one the greatest musicians, SONNY OKOSUN.

"With 16 African album releases to his credit -- many of them gold -- Nigeria's Sonny Okosuns is one of the continent's most enduringly popular performers. Okosuns initially caught the pop music bug via Elvis and the Beatles, forming his first band, The Postmen, in 1964. In the early '70s, he helped usher in a back-to-African-roots trend with a stylistic mix of Western pop and local highlife he called "ozzidi." He later broadened it to include the rapidly spreading gospel of reggae.

His diversity has kept him from being pigeonholed. He was featured in Black Star Liner, a 1983 anthology of African reggae, and more recently appeared on the anti-apartheid Sun City EP produced by Steve Van Zandt. His albums typically feature vocals in English as well as the Nigerian Ishan language. ~ Bob Tarte, All Music Guide"

What is interesting is that he was the founder of the PMAN music organization. Simply amazing!

Here is an old documentary that speaks volumes about the amazing talented music star!

What are your memories of Sonny Okosun. Mine? His song entitled WOMAN in my opinion is perhaps the best song ever made.