Alright readers! Lets party Naija Style. I am going to list my favorite five songs this week and readers feel free to list your top 5 songs in the comments section!

1. My favorite is Gongo Aso by 9ice. Toni may I say I am addicted to this song!

2. Do Me by Psquare

3. No one by Psquare

4.Fire by Timaya.

5. Na Ba Ka by Jerimah Gyang

Recently the DCFASHIONWEEK came full circle. Amore Hats from Nigeria pleased the crowd with their line of may we say exquisite hats.

Our sunday video of the week! Malo by Crude Oil

So what else is new? if you have topics you would like to see on Naijagal be sure to let us know by leaving a comment. Have a blessed week.

love it what do you say readers?
pic from
I am sorry but usually I am all for games online that girls love but this one is just crazy! What is the name of the site you may ask? It is called MISS BIMBO! (NOT BIM BOH) but BIM BO. Guess what over 200000 registered users ages 9-16! Well, here is how it works.

Miss Bimbo, is described by its creator who happens to be a French entrepreneur as a fashion game. The site current attracts children as young as 9 years old.

It encourages children to join its site to create a virtual doll, monitor its diet and weight and buy it breast implants and face lifts. What kind of a world are we living in you may ask? Well there is more, the kids sign up for free and the automatically receive 1000 dollars to buy clothing and of course "facelifts etc

When you run out of money however, you have to send a text message costing $3 dollars to get more dollars or mula as it is called on the site.

According to CNN " Users are given missions, including securing plastic surgery at the game's clinic to give their dolls bigger breasts, and they have to keep her at her target weight with diet pills, which cost 100 bimbo dollars.

Breast implants sell at 11,500 bimbo dollars and net the buyer 2,000 bimbo attitudes, making her more popular on the site.

And bagging a billionaire boyfriend is the most desirable way to earn the all important "mula" or bimbo dollars."

What do you say readers? Girls already have self esteem problems, now to encourage this as young as 9 years old and who pays to top up the account? Would you let your daughter play the game?
femi Oke from CNN presents a clip on Mobile Phones in Africa

According to CNN
"Her career began when she was 14 years old, as a junior reporter for the UK's first talk radio station LBC. Oke joined the British Broadcasting Corporation as a radio reporter after graduating from University. She received her bachelors degree in English literature and language from Birmingham University in England. Oke is British by birth and Nigerian by parentage."

You can view the video via this link

more to come later today.....
Okay readers here goes nothing, this was a test sort of a teaser for my first voice blog post

Reply | Copy This

now be gentle with the comments:-)
i couldn't resist readers, this is quite impressive and seeing that it has been a while since i had a bollywood post on here, well here goes:

I present nelly furtado singing in classic hindi

Just in case you are wondering what the original song sounded like. Here is a clip from the classic movie

so what do you say readers did she do justice to the song?
pic by the black socialite

This just in readers, Uber Fab fashion designer Duro Olowu tied the knot earlier this year, to be precise on January 2. The question on every one's mind is why did we not hear about it? Well Duro wed Thelma golden the director and chief curator of the studio museum in Harlem. They eloped and tied the knot with two witnesses in tow, artist Glen Lignon and Paper Magazine's Kim Hastreiter.

Expect a big bash in Lagos Nigeria, London and New York soon. What can we say but hey congratulations! We hear her ring is a Tiffany, pave-diamond one, tres chic.

Who needs pictures of fashion show when you have videos! I present to you, Duro Olowu's summer 08 style.

Are you feeling it or what?

Now readers what do you say about this video below, video conferencing to buy shoes pretty high tech stuff, Africa Style.

Remember Checkmate? Well here is a clip from this prestigious soap opera

and another video, this time this one is by KEMISTRY wouldn't you say fab?

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hey readers we are taking a quick break but we will be back with our relaunch ready to go hope you are having a good week:)

In the meantime Van Vicker Fans here is a picture for you!

pic via jamati

and a quote from the star culled from jamati

"Yes I do have a wife and 2 kids and adjusting to my way of life has been a struggle, especially lately. I am here today and tomorrow I am there, talking to them on the phone and all. As for my wife, Adjoa, I think she is going through a lot but I can see she is a strong woman. I mean she has been used to me always being around and more like overnight everything changed. She is very understanding and it is amazing. I mean there are times where I get to Ghana today and I am on another flight the same day or the next day. God knew my destiny and just gave me the perfect one."

Love this, just love this! What do you say readers?
pic by the washington post
her music is not bad at all, this also goes to show you the myspace phenomena. How the media makes use of myspace and facebook profiles to learn about people. Alexandra and the governor interesting title for a book wouldn't you say? Interesting enough, her so called high school mates have created a group on face book about her too
picture by getty images
Naija's own Aliko Dangote has been listed on forbes BILLIONAIRE'S LIST (number 334) with 3.3 billion dollars! May I say that is a first for west africa. Usually you hear only about South Africa etc. This is certainly a great moment.

According to Forbes,

Source: sugar, flour, cement manufacturing

Net Worth: $3.3 bil

Country Of Citizenship: Nigeria

Residence: Lagos , Nigeria, Middle East & Africa

Industry: Diversified

Marital Status: NA,

Education: NA

Nigeria's first billionaire hit the jackpot when his sugar-production company listed on the Nigerian stock exchange last year. Meanwhile, proposed initial public offerings of his flour and cement companies have stalled. Began career as trader at 21 with loan from his uncle; built his Dangote Group into conglomerate with interests in sugar, flour milling, salt processing, cement manufacturing, textiles, real estate, haulage and oil and gas.

Not bad uh? What do you say readers? Are you inspired?
Okay guys here he is 23 year old, Mr Mark Zuckerberg; unless you have been living under a rock or something, the name should certainly ring a bell! Well according to Valleywag, my favorite all time read. Yes I love the valley and love geeky gossip as well as fashion,

"Number 785 on the Forbes Billionaires list is one Mark Zuckerberg. Forbes estimates his net worth at $1.5 billion -- a far cry from the $5 billion we pegged him at last year -- but still a nice chunk of change. (We've since learned the actual number is $4 billion; he owns 27 percent of Facebook.)

The mag notes that "some analysts -- and even a few Facebook investors -- suggest the company's value is far lower." Even with that proviso, Zuck still ranks as the youngest billionaire in the world and "possibly the youngest self-made billionaire ever." Damn. I can't wait for the call from my mother -- "Mark Zuckerberg is worth a billion dollars. What are you doing with your life?" Thanks a lot, Mark. You're making us all look bad."

Aww alright folks get to it maybe you could be the next FACEBOOK app too! First to market always wins by the way. Also readers be sure to add Naijagal as a link to your blog and let me know I will add yours to mine. Thanks for reading.
Hey readers,

how are you doing today? Well enjoy a cool clip showing the new TUFACE and DARE'S VIDEO called "Carry dey go". Also included is an interview with Ireti, Funmi Iyanda and Adaure. Enjoy

So whats up this weekend? How did you find the new video? Which as you heard was shot entirely in Naija! I loved it did you?
Also check out a cool video clip of LAGOS thanks to jolanaibi

I will be updating this post later on in the day with technology and also inspirational stories so stay tuned.
Hi readers, it is Wednesday and do I have a post for you on Technology meets fashion Wednesday.

Introducing - A Great Place for Search

So there is a site out there called SPOCK! It is cool search engine currently in "beta" that helps you find information about people. A great example this is my search for Designer Deola Sagoe. I typed in Deola Sagoe into the search bar and I got the results gathered from the different websites listed in a user friendly order.

You can search the site by using a tag which was created by the user or by members of spock. You have the option to sign up to become a member of spock, you can add your friends to your account thereby creating an instant community!

The plus side of creating an account is that you can perform reputation management, such as, fixing errors etc

Here a screen shot of the results from the search of Deola Sagoe!

As you can see, underneath the "tags" it lists her state "Ondo"; it also lists programs she is involved in such as "United Nations World Food Program". Underneath the tags column is a section to list "related people" and there is another section to add quotes by Deola Sagoe.

Not to be outdone, it shows pictures from her design line and that is not all, the site allows you to vote on the pictures. You can also find out more about who you search for; for instance, I did a search on Paris Hilton and the results showed her relations on the right side of the page. Talk about an instant family tree. So what do you say readers? Check out the site HERE.

I have also added a search widget on the right side of this page just so you can try out the search and also be sure to sign up.

Okay unless you have been living under a rock or you have been too preoccupied with things going on in your life, you have probably heard of OPRAH'S NEW SHOW called OPRAHS BIG GIVE. Well here is how it works out on the show:
First things first, you have to raise money to support someone in need within five days. Be it to pay of their student loan totaling $206000, or to pay off the mortgage of a widowed young lady. Segun "Sheg" for short, partnered with another lady for his first task and they came up with a not so hot fashion show to raise money for the medical student whose loans totaled 206000 dollars! yes you heard empower local surgeons to want to give back," Sheg says. In addition, he says the foundation hopes to expand into other countries around the world.

Sheg and his wife have a two-year-old daughter, Nilaja, which means "joyful one."
"I wanted to show the new generation—the MySpace and YouTube people—that it's hip to empower people," Sheg says. "We are getting to the point that people have become so secluded. We've become so distracted, but it's our duty as human beings to make a difference."
Sheg's Favorite…Giving Back Moment: When I was in Kindergarten, I would go into the cafeteria and get all of the drinks for my classmates. It's my first memory of giving back. They were so excited when they saw me coming in with the basket!

Food:: Steamed vegetables and steak

Movie: A Beautiful Mind

Type of Music/Artist: Frank Sinatra

Dessert: Cheesecake

Time of Day: Night. I get to reflect on my day.

Indulgence: A massage

Vacation: Hanging out with my sisters in London

Memory: The birth of my daughter

Snack: Beef jerky

Weekend Activity: I just finished writing a book. I write mostly on the weekends. My book is about very simple reasons to be inspired and make a difference.'

Not bad right readers, hey Sheg quick question did daddy know you were buying drinks in Kindergarten. Hope to see more of you in this race for the ultimate prize; at least, should you win, you would not have any student loans, Home mortgage, or anything like that, right readers?
I usually would not discuss medical issues on naijagal. This however was of grave concern to me and that is a lot of homes in Naija are built with Abestos.

Now reading the article below by Derek Both got me wondering. Could this be the reason for the high incident of cancer in Naija. Mesothelioma can develop after exposure to asbestos

"Asbestos exposure can lead to a number of lung diseases including asbestosis, pleural fibrosis and lung cancer. Asbestosis results in widespread scarring of the lungs and can leave victims short of breath and more likely to develop lung cancer. Pleural fibrosis causes inflammation, hardening and thickening of the lining of the lung tissue but has a number of symptoms so can be fairly straightforward to diagnose.

The other type of lung disease that can develop after asbestos exposure is asbestos lung cancer. This can affect either the internal portions of the lungs or the outer lining. Although it is impossible to determine the exact figure for the number of people who develop the disease because of asbestos, it is thought that there are around as many asbestos lung cancer deaths in Great Britain annually as there are mesothelioma deaths.

The reason why it can't be said how many lung cancer related deaths are down to this is because there are many other factors which can lead to the illness developing. Tobacco smoke is just one of these so it wouldn't be possible to say whether a person got cancer because of asbestos exposure or because they smoked.

Asbestos lung cancer can be hard to detect because in the early stages there may be no symptoms at all. There are a few such as having a cough, chest pain and weight loss but this can also indicate other illnesses which is what makes it so hard to diagnose.

If it is thought that someone may be suffering from asbestos lung cancer then a number of steps will be taken in order to confirm this. A full physical examination will be conducted and more than likely a sample of phlegm (spit) will be tested for any cancer cells. If any cancerous cells are found then either a tissue sample will be taken or a biopsy will be performed to get an accurate result.

The people who are most likely to suffer from asbestos lung cancer are those who were exposed to it during their working life. The majority of patients who have been diagnosed with the disease once worked in mines, mills or factories. However, others who have suffered high levels of asbestos exposure include construction, boilermaking and automotive repair.

More and more people who are suffering from illnesses such as asbestos lung cancer are claiming compensation from companies who failed to implement safety precautions to prevent heavy exposure. If you are looking for an asbestos lawyer then there are companies out there who can help claim payments for various things such as the cost of care you have accrued."

Oh my goodness, Naija foreign affairs minister is mentioned! Hilary made a suprise entrance. Maybe they should have asked any thoughts on ABESTOS in Africa?