Hey readers, how is your week going? My week is fantastic! Well here is a story that would inspire you. You have probably noticed ATM machines all over Lagos or any city you live in. Well check out Mitchel Elegbe, born in Benin but who grew up in Warri in the article below. He is the man to thank for making life easier in the cities such as, Abuja, Lagos, Warri, Benin etc.

Quick note according to CNBC AFRICA report on Nigeria. There have been 33 million transactions! Each costing 100 naira (approx.90cents) each. You do the math in a span of three years! That is just so inspiring!
Ok check out the style below culled from truelove magazine featuring celebrity takes 2 stars Bunmi and ,I love it don't you.

Update on this post, I am excited about web pay via interswitch it is great to know this is available

Guess what else is new, we have added a job board on the Naijagal. Click on the right to post a job for everyone to see! or just find a job. So what do you say readers. Your comments are my inspiration.


O.A.Eddy said…
Hmm, the styles are actually very nice.
Anonymous said…
Hiya. love ur blog hun. how come people dont leave comments. More grease to ur elbow jare n have a blessd wknd
Anonymous said…
bunmi wasnt on celebrity takes 2. she is a makeup artist. the guy wale rubber was on celebrity takes 2 as omowunmi's partner.
nice shoot sha.
yemi akerele does it yet again.
Olu said…
Love d pics!!!!!
she can poseeeeeee
Honeywell said…
i am IN LOVE with those dresses..... who is this designer i am yet to hear of? They are just fabulous, in every way...
Anonymous said…
hiya ,
didnt c the website for the job search u mentioned in ur posting.anyway,i am jobhunting for my pbrother who is an IT pro,has worked in one of the top oil servicing coy in 9ja.
do u know of any vacancies ? email addy is bugsbunny@yahoo.(i signed up on ur blogspot)
naijagal said…
hiya anon 7.41 will let you know what i find soon
Yankeenaijababe said…
@Naijagirl...l love the article. Nice..nice nice.