Here is a fashion spread from true love magazine depicting mothers and their kids.
A question I have though is, did stunning TOBI (below) give birth to all those kids? or is this simply a simulation of motherhood? what do you say readers?

You asked and I delivered, dear readers here is a clip from Priscilla's day spa. Click on the picture for the location ( 272B corporation drive, dolphin estate, ikoyi ) and give them a call at 08023454667 , let them know you heard about them from NAIJAGAL's blog

What people are talking about..

"In a survey on global awareness of children and teens in ten countries, students in Nigeria the only African country included ranked HIGHEST! showing the strongest grasp of international affairs. Dead last was United Kingdom, just below United States" essence magazine

well we knew that already right readers?

Other Tidbits: Okay so this is a rumor from dear old city people.

Dbanj and Stella Damasus Aboderin dating? Okay city people...

Chris Okotie is supposedly set to wed a member of his church and this is apparently not sitting well with his congregation.

Okay then..... will let you know some more soon


O.A.Eddy said…
Stella Damasus and Dbanj? Hmm, why does that sound shady?
Bella Naija said…
the woman in the 3rd pic with her 2 daughters looks amazing!
I seriously had to a double triple quadriple take in order to ascertain who the mother was.
May we look that fab (or even better) when we pop out them babies
naijagal said…
@indigenous productions....hmm that is city people's take oh

amen oh bella! i pray so oh! that would be fabulous! she must have married young
Anonymous said…
nice fotos but i cldnt help but notice the "fake" prices on the corner abt d dress and other stuff being 18,000 Gs and watnot. i mean it may be the actual price but wat exactly r they heading with that???