Okay naijagal readers, this is your favorite naijagal discussion. I will be looking forward to your response. It is not news that the Naija middle class is certainly rising with the young generation Y. So in that instance what are the viable businesses to start by enterprenuers looking to cash in? Feel free to comment, here is my take on industries that can be started.
1. Baby clothing
2. Day spas
3. Diaper/nappy manufacturing
4.gym think curves
5. skincare line

now readers what do you say?


Tiger Tem said...
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Tiger Tem said...

Hi, Just found your blog for the first time. Interesting stuff.

Well, not sure how in touch you are with Nigeria but the day spa business is booming. I know of about 4 in the vicinity of Tiger Tem...the Day Spa, Beauty Concerns, Montaigne Place and there's a little one at the back of the Nail Room on Musa Yaradua. And that's before we get to BMS in Ikoyi!

With gyms, again there are a few. Most people on the island go to Proflex or the Eko Meridien one. And then there's IHC too. And there's a new one in the works that I'm not technically supposed to talk about yet but it will be amazing.

Skincare, hmm, I think House of Tara just launched a line, and Banke Meshida has a makeup range so that's not quite the same thing. But there's a new company called Amelia we hosted an event for at Tiger Tem that has amazing, organic and locally produced skincare.

But not too sure if anyone's manufacturing diapers or kids clothes yet!

pink gloves said...

Diaper manufacturing. number one.

homebizmillionaire said...
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homebizmillionaire said...

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chichi said...

i blv the gym stuff definatly will be a sell out, women in africa are getting in on the western 'body image' thing.on adelabu{hope am rite} strt in lagos there are like three gyms or so.

wienna said...

With all these spas and gyms opening, i'm certainly sure that they're not for the common man back home. If so, who can afford these luxuries when i'm sure the average employee can't even boast of collecting maybe even 50,000 a month and they'll still have to pay for transport/buy fuel for car, pay rent, buy food, provide for d family.