Sorry my dear readers for the lack of posts, but can you blame me? No blame naija Internet access and Naija parties! lol! but seriously I am back and this will be a new year with lots of interesting posts!

Every week I will profile what I call 100% NAIJA!

Goodness we are so blessed! I will also have a day in the week dedicated to only to NAIJA WEDDINGS! (garden style or multipurpose hall, it would not even matter!

God Bless you readers and thanks so much for the support over the years!

Here is a quick list of hot naija clubs and lounges


JADE'S PALACE the hottest nite spot as of today
BACCHUS Always a favorite!

Nice lounge in IKEJA

So many more to list! by the way if any one knows who is hiring business development/IT folks in LAGOS OR ABUJA let me know!


Icy PR said…
Welcome back babz.... Now stop starving us and being proper bloggin jare ;)
naijagal said…
Thanks ICY I will do so. Proper bloggin begins!
Anonymous said…
wellcome back !! yea i agree JADE'S palace n bachus are definately a few of the hotest places in naija. i just got back too!!..n naija was a blast