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First of all, let me say congratulations to the wonderful ladies who got nominated. What I do not understand is why in the listing certain countries are noted in BOLD LETTERS! For example, US AND UK are in bold. Nigeria on the other hand is not captioned in bold letters.

Nipro organizers can you explain this?
What do you say readers? Perhaps it is a feat to be globally recognized like Naijagal?
I realized I have not blogged about housing lately, but honestly this is very important. Check out this article below. It is important not to ignore the warning signs of foreclosure or what do you say?

Avoid Foreclosure
by Erik Birkeland

The percentage of Americans going into foreclosure is increasing dramatically. If you are headed to a foreclosure don't be embarrassed. There are millions of Americans in the same situation. Most homeowners who are facing foreclosure often avoid dealing with the facts that got them into the situation. Few homeowners actually planned to go into foreclosure. There are many reasons a situation for this can arise.

- Job loss / unexpected unemployment
- Sudden illness or medical emergency
- Death in the family
- Divorce / loss of second income
- Inability to pay an adjustable interest rate that increases

Here are steps to avoid going into foreclosure:

1. Don't ignore the problem.
Clearly the further behind you get the harder it is to catch up. Normally the lender will start requiring larger and larger lump sum payments. Eventually they will be so large you'll never catch up.

2. Contact your lender as soon as you realize that you have a problem.

Lenders do not want your house. They have options for people in duress. Lenders will often spread out payments and work with you to avoid the foreclosure.

3. Open and respond to all mail from your lender.

Although you know the information will be unpleasant don't ignore it.

4. Know your mortgage rights.

Learn about the foreclosure laws and timeframes in your state by contacting the State Government Housing Office.

5. Understand foreclosure prevention options.

Talk to your lender about loss mitigation.

6. Prioritize your spending.

Eliminate anything that is unnecessary. For example the premium cable channels. Delay payments on credit cards and other "unsecured" debt until you have paid your mortgage.

7. Use your assets.

It may be tough but saving your house over keeping sellable things is a wise decision. It is a lot easier to replace items than a house.

8. Sell Your Home.

Interview real estate agents and find the best one for you. Discount brokers may not be the way to go. Make sure you check your options.

9. Consider a Short Sale.

If your home is worth less than the amount you owe, you might be a candidate for a short sale. Basically the lender will be forgiving the extra loan amount as compared to the actual value of the house.

10. Sign a Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure

This is deeding the home back to the lender. The lender forgives the mortgage, effectively canceling the foreclosure action. This may adversely impact your credit on the same level as a foreclosure.

The foreclosure process is painful but you can avoid it altogether if you keep the lines of communication open with your lender. At times this may be difficult but you need to deal with the situation or the situation will deal with you. Don't let things get out of control if you can help it.
Okay naijagal readers, this is your favorite naijagal discussion. I will be looking forward to your response. It is not news that the Naija middle class is certainly rising with the young generation Y. So in that instance what are the viable businesses to start by enterprenuers looking to cash in? Feel free to comment, here is my take on industries that can be started.
1. Baby clothing
2. Day spas
3. Diaper/nappy manufacturing
4.gym think curves
5. skincare line

now readers what do you say?
Got an email from a fan, I really appreciate it about a fan club on face book. I am not currently on face book but I promise I will endeavor to join soon
Here is a fashion spread from true love magazine depicting mothers and their kids.
A question I have though is, did stunning TOBI (below) give birth to all those kids? or is this simply a simulation of motherhood? what do you say readers?

You asked and I delivered, dear readers here is a clip from Priscilla's day spa. Click on the picture for the location ( 272B corporation drive, dolphin estate, ikoyi ) and give them a call at 08023454667 , let them know you heard about them from NAIJAGAL's blog

What people are talking about..

"In a survey on global awareness of children and teens in ten countries, students in Nigeria the only African country included ranked HIGHEST! showing the strongest grasp of international affairs. Dead last was United Kingdom, just below United States" essence magazine

well we knew that already right readers?

Other Tidbits: Okay so this is a rumor from dear old city people.

Dbanj and Stella Damasus Aboderin dating? Okay city people...

Chris Okotie is supposedly set to wed a member of his church and this is apparently not sitting well with his congregation.

Okay then..... will let you know some more soon

I just got word that true love will be available in the UK. hopefully this hot magazine will be available for US subscribers soon. I apologize readers for not blogging in the past couple of days but I have been dealing with a lot lately. How is your week going?
Thanks to uber talented photographers PUREFOTO here are the pics:

It was a classy networking event as you can see from the pictures. What do you say readers?
In other news, the best spa in LAGOS in my opinion is PRISCILLA'S PRIDE DAY SPA! in dolphin estate, ikoyi. Oh my goodness lets just say I was spoiled silly at the spa. Have you visited the spa what was your experience?
hello readers, check out a new actress called Azizat who many believe will take over Genny in Nollywood. Well that is a matter of opinion or what do you say? Listed below is an interview with the starlet from true love magazine.

Ever wondered what the ladies of deal or no deal Nigeria look like? Well look no further readers here they are! Perhaps you know a couple of the ladies?

Interesting things happened over the Christmas holidays in Naija. The Oba of Benin's daughter got married. It was a glamorous event with yours truly in attendance. The club VOLAR was the hottest ticket in town in Lagos. Yahooze is definitely the crowd pleaser song, DO ME by psquare is set to be the ring tone of many this year!

Speaking of PSQUARE, Thank God they survived the crash below.

New years resolution by the stars

Bianca Ojukwu
"My new years resolution is to acquire a greater aptitude to abide by last years resolution"

"I do not make new years resolution because I probably would not keep them. I just take life a step at a time."

So readers how about you what is your new year's resolution? congrats to fellow blogger TONIPAYNE on her engagement!
Sorry my dear readers for the lack of posts, but can you blame me? No blame naija Internet access and Naija parties! lol! but seriously I am back and this will be a new year with lots of interesting posts!

Every week I will profile what I call 100% NAIJA!

Goodness we are so blessed! I will also have a day in the week dedicated to only to NAIJA WEDDINGS! (garden style or multipurpose hall, it would not even matter!

God Bless you readers and thanks so much for the support over the years!

Here is a quick list of hot naija clubs and lounges


JADE'S PALACE the hottest nite spot as of today
BACCHUS Always a favorite!

Nice lounge in IKEJA

So many more to list! by the way if any one knows who is hiring business development/IT folks in LAGOS OR ABUJA let me know!

I am loving this video! what do you say? Okay for folks visiting EDO state, check out the hexagon.
Welcome to 2008! What is your new year's resolution? This is najagal's second year blogging! It is a brand new year readers and I am loving it already! Having a blast, from the parties and the latest hang outs in Naija! This week, I will be writing about where to go in Lagos and other cities!

Jade's palace, La Casa! Be there at the networking events! Or if you really want to have fun Home parties are simply the best! or what do you say?

next stop Port Harcourt