Guess what first friday is now in Lagos!
No thanks to my slow internet connection in Naija!
Whats new for those in Lagos, where is the party going to be? Post your comments.
Best airline to fly? Continental.
What I love about Naija: The people the culture and the optimism
Where I would love to be: Naija
Who I love being: Naijagal
How about you?
Merry xmas
check out this video from funmi discussing fashion and modelling in Africa

I feel blessed this year readers, I know the next year would be even more blessed!

Merry xmas everyone!! thanks so much for the support this year! I appreciate it readers.

Recap of my favorite posts this year!

I enjoyed the post on van vicker here
Okay let me just say I have been so busy with the holiday season my loyal readers, well for folks trying to travel last minute to Lagos check out this deal! FOR $1112!

including all taxes and fees
Air France
Flight AF7 overnight flight
Depart Sun, Dec 30 07:15p New York J F Kennedy International Apt, US (JFK)
Arrive Mon, Dec 31 08:40a Paris Charles de Gaulle Apt, FR (CDG)

Air France
Flight AF854
Depart Mon, Dec 31 10:40a Paris Charles de Gaulle Apt, FR (CDG)
Arrive Mon, Dec 31 05:00p Lagos, NG (LOS)
Flight Time 06hr 20min | Economy

Air France
Flight AF855 overnight flight
Depart Mon, Jan 14 11:40p Lagos, NG (LOS)
Arrive Tue, Jan 15 06:00a Paris Charles de Gaulle Apt, FR (CDG)

Air France
Flight AF22
Depart Tue, Jan 15 08:25a Paris Charles de Gaulle Apt, FR (CDG)
Arrive Tue, Jan 15 10:35a New York J F Kennedy International Apt, US (JFK)

Where did I find such a deal? VAYAMA thats where! check it out
Air France
Flight AF22
Depart Tue, Jan 15 08:25a Paris Charles de Gaulle Apt, FR (CDG)
Arrive Tue, Jan 15 10:35a New York J F Kennedy International Apt, US (JFK)
Flight Time 08hr 10min | Economy
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Total Travel Time: 16hr 55min
nice wouldn't you say?

Good Genes from his daddy al b sure!
aww check out the cool birthday present from diddy!

Ok I have to say the pictures speak for themselves! check the nice range! This will be a hit on MTV's sweet 16. Al's son looks exactly like his dad!
Check out his dad's video flashback

What do you say readers? Check out DEBLUSH for more stories
Hi readers! Sorry for the late update, Naijagal has been under the weather:( but here goes:)

Our take on the outfits worn at the show!

Loved the pink dress above but I must say I am not exactly digging the blue shoes with the outfit. Nice effort though.
There is just something exquisite about the flowing outfit shown above by the ladies. A PLUS

Finally for an evening show, I would probably have gone with some form of jewelry with the brown outfit and gold shoes to match or what do you say readers? It is almost christmas! Lagos should be on and popping, do you know of any parties, you want to share with naijagal? Well I have one to share with you!

I will be there so stop by and say hello!

yes or no? comments welcomed:)

Okay readers here is a new video from FAZE called tatoo girls! Well seeing that this is a craze in NAIJA, I can understand the need for the song. Have you been to twinkles lately?
I recomend every one go see this movie!
Check this inspirational clip from the movie for your sunday viewing

Stay blessed and remember pray, miracles happen:)

I have to say i am feeling this jam! it is simply exciting! Psquare set to take 2008 over once again!

"you go wound oh!" love it!
Hi everyone well guess what today is? It is friday! Well to start the day lets talk about skin care ladies here are some tips received from the founders of a new line makeuppro!(MUP)

"Quit scrubbing your skin with harsh soaps! use oil free cleansers. You can take it a step further by using steam on your face.
Step one
Boil water and place in a bown in your sink
Step 2 place five drops of essiential oil (makeup pro will feature one called
Step 3 drape a towel over your head, stay for five minutes
Step 4 Afterwards rinse your face with cool water"

Alright I hear that ladies! Now lets dance!

oh my favorite song! actually it is my ring tone! BABY CHAM featuring Alicia keyes!


hope you are having a great friday! Happy birthday to GEN. TY Danjuma who turned 70 today. Oh I am getting ready for the concert on the 15th of december! will be going t o the concert featuring LIL KIM AND LIL WAYNE in lagos! isn't it interesting how NAIJA is now becoming the location of choice for artists from the USA? Tickets only N5000! at NUMETRO CINEMAS!

okay i hope jolie makeup academy is watching this! I have been quite busy lately but I promise to post something new each and every day!

Whats up this weekend? well some weddings of course! so get your makeup done:) be sure to use a cleanser and moisturizer! prior to applying your makeup oh and please do not go to bed without taking off the makeup. You certainly do not want to clog up your pores.

What is your daily skin care regimen I want to know!

I loved this article which profiled the re birth of the 1 billion abandoned fertilizer plant in port harcourt and the people who are making this possible Onajite Okoloko, ECP Partners (US based) Okay you have to read this article to understand why I am excited about this venture

you can view the podcast here

So how is your day going?