young black and fabulous reports that Lauryn hill is pregnant with her fifth child by Rohan Marley! This comes as a surprise because most people were under the impression that they were not together! Well I must say congratulations then

Rapper TI got arrested in his southwest Atlanta home today. Such a shame you can read about it on Fox

So how is your weekend going?


Anonymous said…
Oh,that's a good news.My friend often mention her on,he must have been known that info
Anonymous said…
I heard that little geek from dipset santana has been snitchin' on everybody. He got ti set up with an undercover for a bodyguard and shit went down hill from there. I heard from some Harlem cats, that it was some type of jealousy between dude and ti because ti was scheduled to do a number of songs and promotion with several different girls that santana couldn't get to like him following the drop of his contract with Def Jam. I also heard that following the santan & Lil' Wayne mixtape flop
santan reportedly got Baby hemmed u in Tennessee...makes you wonder with the nation wide publicity stunt {under the table) agreement with members of G-unot. All the snitching points to the downfall of the weak"east" link.