Its Monday, but just not any Monday. No today is independence day in Nigeria, so I thought to myself, hmm, what would would be a cool post for today's blog and voila! it came to me. I recently saw a true love article whereby the writer caught up with past beauty queens and I must say they are all quite stunning. Check out the article below

Oh and yes here are pictures received from the Ethical FASHION WEEK which had LSHANDI as one of the designers and the show was created by Priya Patel. Well here is a quick preview of the show. The designs you see below were created by Laura for her fashion line, Lepa Shandi (Lshandi). Love it love it! What is ethical fashion you may ask, well in simple terms fair wage for products being produced.

I have been following the progress of a friend who is launching a line. I have to say she is all about ethical and organic clothing. Did you know it takes approximately 10 gallons of water to create that pair of jeans you crave! That is what I hear, so before you buy, find out where the garment came from ask questions! Or what do you say readers? I love your comments so do post away!


Anonymous said…
Never ever thought about fashion with the words ethical. But what you say makes sense right. Make sure you know what you are wearing and where it came from.

Anonymous said… those magazine pics and article. Of cos, na ouw own Chude do d article. I'm a bit confused though, how come Matilda Kerry and Vien Tetsola r both Miss 9ja 2000. Janet Gabriel looked so cute when she was younger, it just goes to show how much old age shows on someone. I really love her first song, Heard It All Before. Heard she's trying to crack d 9ja scene now.
Anonymous said…
I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Good job! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! GOD BLESS NAIJA JOO!!
Aramide said…
naijagal!! i always always love ur blog

i dont know why i dont come here everyday

hope u have rss enabled i'm about to download all ur blogs to my outlook!

also check out xx
bighead said…
Some people are fine o! My eyes hurt.
bighead said…
if its only water, no prob. The earth is 2/3rds of it. :-)