Well thanks to an exclusive from the producers of the next movie star show, I present to you the finalists! They are- (1) Lydia Forson (Ghana), (2) Martha Ankomah (Ghana) (3)Enock Hammond(Ghana) and (4) Ameh Lucy (Nigeria), (5)Oshinuga Olufemi (Nigeria) &(6) Uti Nwachukwu (Nigeria). I blogged about this show last year hereAmeh Lucy (Nigeria)
Enock Hammond(Ghana)
Lydia Forson (Ghana)
Martha Ankomah (Ghana)
Uti Nwachukwu (Nigeria)
Oshinuga Olufemi (Nigeria)

I guess it is a currently tie between Nigeria and Ghana, isn't that interesting! Have you seen the reality show? I have and it is quite unique. So what are your plans today?


Anonymous said…
They showed an episode of d show a few weeks ago on NTA and since then they didn't show it again. Dat Lydia girl reminds me of Jennifer Eliogu. I like her.
Anonymous said…
I think a Nigerian will win. I like Ameh's dress, I like Lydia's look, I like Uti's t-shirt and jacket, and Oshinuga's bear-bear. How many Nigerians on my list? 3 and only one Ghanian! If that was how they were judging, then a Nigerian go win for sure. I rest my case!
Arewa said…
@ Omoz Keep dreaming on... I havent seen the show @ all but I am definately routing for my motherland (Ghana).
At least Wienna likes lydia so its 2:1 in favour of Ghana....lol
bighead said…
I don't watch much TV and this is the first time I'm hearing of this. First impression: The guys look fa-ke. Especially the last one.
Anonymous said…
If u do watch the show, you'd know that Uti MAKES THE CUT FOR REAL... - he is a fabolous actor and has a great persona too. he doesnt take himself too seriously. Lucy and Lydia also come close.