What do you say love it or hate it?
Kim porters baby daddy! before......

and After!....

Happy halloween Diana, seriously who is responsible for this mess on her face!

So what do you say readers?

Thanks to fashionista LINDAIKEJI for this picture. You can read more about this story on her page.

Check out the pictures. I have always said that this is one of the most profitable businesses in Africa! African inspired women love weaves and companies are taking notice! Well here are pictures from the show thanks to gettyimage of Africa purefoto.

What are your thoughts on the hair styles? Love it or hate it? Do you wear extensions? This is naijagal's favorite
I want to hear your comments on this one...its okay to be anonymous ....by the way here is a poster for the HAIR SHOW IN ATLANTA IN FEBUARY.

Here is a song that helped me through tough times...
Whenever i felt down I would listen to this song and I would feel uplifted.

And here a new favorite of mine from Infinity my favorite naija group

Does anyone have an idea when the pageent is actually occuring?
Naija's own fred eboka at Johanessburg Fashion week!

pics via mimimag
Check out the latest by FAZE!
In terms of the abuja fashion designers, be patient....

Alright here is another one for you by Sound Sultan---Somewhere in your heart

And finally a new favorite Adara by Sasha!
After posting a $3 million dollar bond which was covered by 2 cashiers check and his POSH CLAYTON county property rapper T1 WAS RELEASED FROM FEDERAL CUSTODY

Okay so TI has been granted bail, apparently he will not be heading back to his home in college park but a home in Henry county. Check out the video thanks to sohh

What are your thoughts readers ? Read the full story at the AJC

majek fashek!

African China!

Watch later today for friday post and oh by the way TI is back in court today. Now would he be granted bail? That is the question!
so Seal and Heidi opened up their lives to Oprah today

Check out the picture below of Seal with his foster family

Quick question has he released any songs lately?

What do you think about the video? Watch out this weekend, I will be profiling top Abuja designers and enterprenuers!
According to MTO Gelila Behele an Ethopian born New York based model is apparently rumored to be Tyler Perry's girl! I love it; oh by the way check the cover of the latest issue of complex magazine featuring TI.

So check out the family guy below
and finally here are a few outfits from top evening gown designer Kevin Hall's spring 2008 line aptly titled "Africa: A Safari;

So how is your week going so far? What do you think of the designs? Isn't it exciting how African fashion is suddenly in the limelight these days?

Urban wear is here to stay, I love this spread in true love magazine featuring clothes by uber fab designers EMMY COLLINS and TIFFANY AMBER and a design by yours truly below
Enjoy the slide show

I especially love this song by TI featuring WYCLEF

Next is A VIDEO BY Zion featuring AKON

Baby Phat Runway video

So what are your thoughts on urban style? Who is your favorite designer?

Recording artist Fergie and ap.de.apl of the Black Eyed Peas pose for a picture with THISDAY Entertainment President Ola Joseph, THISDAY Arena, October 14, 2007, Lagos Nigeria.

So THISDAY entertainment has done it again, check out the pictures from the concert in LAGOS on the 14th of October, just last sunday and remember you saw it first on NAIJAGAL. Thanks everyone for your support!

Nice would you say? Did you go to the concert? If you did how much did it cost?

What do you say readers? Will you read either blog?

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I have been a fan since xscape. What do you think about the song?
Oh great guess who just walked in none other than Wunmi's ex. In case your forgot! I just learned that my ex bestfriend was engaged to my ex-love or rather the love of my life. Well not anymore, I cannot believe the "ashawo" did that to me. Any way no "probs". I quickly clicked out of the website. The last thing this brother, who also happens to be my brother's best friend needs to hear is that his stupid two timing heifer of a girlfriend is engaged to my man!
I know what you are asking why in the world would I not tell him? After all, it will be good for him to know what his stupid gal has been doing.
You see the reason is Dayo really loves that stupid witch. I guess her skills in "speaking to the mic" makes this guys weak. Yes Naija girls speak to the mic even though they deny it and play "roboboshaba" holier than thou "holy ghost fire on ya".
"Nothing Dayo!" I retorted to his question as to what am I doing. You know I have always considered Dayo my second brother.
"Do you want to go to Saga 8 this evening or will Ade not let you go?" Ade by the way happens to be my brother. Of course, he would not let me go.
"Well you know the answer to that besides my mum will never ...."

"Dami! Dami where are you," I heard my mums voice. Gosh why does she yell! haba! Can't she simply come to my room. "Ha there you are, okay Dayo are you guys going now?"
To say I was shocked was an understatement. My mum asking me to go with Dayo! To where?
Okay I see this must be her ploy to get me hitched off or what?
"To the party of course Dami get dressed now.... You two do not want to be late, "
"ehmm I do not think Ade would want me..."
"I sent Ade to go buy some items for me.... Get dressed."
I noticed the slight smile on Dayo's face. Wetin be this now!" I need to get a way out of going I am in no mood. I know what to do.

(To be continued)


I love this video it was well produced any thoughts, I am working on a nice post so do stay tuned!

Hi everyone, it is Sunday and once again, I have decided to continue my inspirational series on being young and successful in the diaspora! Well today I am profiling a young gentleman by the name of Abolade Gbadesegin, who according to the article in Upscale magazine was integral in the production of Microsoft Vista Software.

"Gbadesegins's work is the epic center of Vista. For Instance windows Media Center in the vista allows you to watch your photos in a slide show, skim through your music collection by album cover, play DVDs, watch and record Television shows".

Bolade who is 32 has a BS from Harvard and an MS from Georgia Institute of Technology. Great work wouldn't you say?
young black and fabulous reports that Lauryn hill is pregnant with her fifth child by Rohan Marley! This comes as a surprise because most people were under the impression that they were not together! Well I must say congratulations then

Rapper TI got arrested in his southwest Atlanta home today. Such a shame you can read about it on Fox

So how is your weekend going?

Okay I just saw this movie and I have to say it is the best movie I have seen in a while. Today was opening night and when I say sold out, it was sold out! Boy was it worth it. Be sure to see it this weekend!

I am loving this song... what do you say?

There is definitely a God here are pictures of Tuface Recuperating in the hospital. According to Nigeria village square

"Tuface Idibia, the multiple award-winning hip-hop artiste who was attacked by gun men in Lagos on his return from the United Kingdom last week is responding to treatment and is fine contrary to media reports that he is still in a critical condition.

While still lying on his hospital bed in a private hospital in Victoria Island , Idibia thanked all his fans for their concern over his misfortune.

Speaking from his hospital bed, the iconic singer who was shot by armed bandits on Thursday October 4 thanked God for sparing his life.

“I thank God. I know it’s not luck. The bullet could have hit me somewhere more dangerous. So I really thank God, and I’m really trying to understand what he’s trying to tell me with this incident,” he said.

Reminiscing on the sad incident which happened along the Oshodi-Mile 2 Expressway, he explained that he was not aware they people that approached them that night came with an evil intention.

“We didn’t know it was robbers. We even thought it was a car trying to ram into us. It was not until I saw the gun, and heard the shot that I realised what they wanted. So I told my guy, let’s find our way o... these guys mean business. I didn’t even know the bullet hit me. It was while we were running, that my left leg started failing me, that I realised what had happened

you can read more on NVS

However here is my favorite quote in Tuface's words

“As far as I’m comfortable where I am, I’ve got no hassles. Whatever will be will be. I might be in the US and be hit by a stray bullet. Anything good or evil can happen to you anywhere’, he said philosophically. I have my business here so I’m not planning to relocate. I’ll travel anytime I have to, and come back home. There’s no place like home. But I want my people to be more positive and honest. Violence does no one any good.”

Good to know he is keeping positive wouldn't you say?

Dare signing the license

I must say I am one of his blog fans, what people do not realize is while I do love fashion, I love and enjoy technology so I guess that makes me a girlgeek? Actually earlier on I was part of the girl geeks community. Dare seems very down to earth which is definitely a good attribute to have.

Any how back to the topic, so Dare got married in vegas and you can read all about it here.

Congratulations are certainly in order wouldn't you say?