Aside from a previous glitch, thanks to PASTICHE GROUP, a group I will personally not recommend, yours truly headed over to the classy French Embassy in Georgetown for the Runway Africa show.

The event went off without a hitch, the fashionistas were out and about. Guests were treated to a giveaway bag, which I heard a couple of guests questioning the contents of the bag, which had only water and a couple of pamphlets. My take is this could they have been expecting a small bottle of "Amarula" (the drink from the sponsors of the show). If that were the case they were quite mistaken.

The lowest entry fee was $40 so perhaps this was the reason why some folks were expecting a lot more in terms of the content of the bag.

Sika started off the show with her delightful designs (coincidentally, entrepreneur fashionista runway Africa founder, Clarissa in the picture above, wore one of SIKA'S designs). This was then followed by a sexy stylish lingerie show. BeezyMilan rocked the show with artsy designs. Of course, Blokesndivas from Nigeria did not dissapoint! I got a chance to meet the designer, Patrick and may I say he is quite charming and unassuming.
After the runway show, everyone headed over to POSH restaurant, which was also a lot of fun. But Naijagal had to leave early. All in all, a well put together program, kudos to Clarissa for making a dream a reality. Oh and the program raised money for the charity founded by IMAN called keep a child alive!


Anonymous said…
I can see u had a lovely w'kend then. It's good to know dat u went to rep your own people.
Linda Ikeji said…
naijagal darling...i love ur blog like crazy but i cant seem to read what u write...ur template is the problem..could u brighten it a little babe? I keep straining my u.linda
naijagal said…
sorry about that linda, what browser are you using?