Sorry for being awol for some time now, dear readers. I have been crazy busy but not too busy for you my loyal readers. Here is a site I came across while googling the web, if there is such a word. The site is called Careers Nigeria

Interestingly enough check out a job description:

Oracle recruiters are always searching for brilliant employees with an entrepreneurial spirit, looking for a work culture where innovation is the goal, hard work is expected, and creativity is rewarded.

Oracle employees enjoy competitive salaries, excellent health benefits, and a network of like-minded co-workers that drive innovation across the entire technology industry.

There are currently some roles available in Nigeria.

Being an Oracle Corp alum myself. I will say this they are a great company to work for. Have a fun midweek my friends. What are you up to this week? Also thanks to the members of black voices for stopping by. All I can say is, it is amazing how in the 21st century skin color (basically lighter or darker) is still an issue to some folks.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for mentioning Careers Nigeria in your very interesting blog. Do have a nice day :-)