I am loving this style below thanks to hot mag uzuri (not kitu kizuri) Check out the first style by Nadia

Now onto the main Story this Friday! I just had to pick up this month's edition of people featuring model Alek Wek. Her story is truly inspiring from Sudan to the World Stage.
Here she is with her handsome boyfriend and her cat. pics by people mag

Nice wouldn't you say? So what are your plans for the weekend? I will just be taking it easy. Have a fun weekend.
Thanks to linda for point out his birthday! This is a rare video he made back in 1998 with rich friends called "FRIEND IN NEED"

It is all in good fun. My family has been a fan of the naija/swedish dentist singer for quite some time. What are your thoughts on the video?

Wow I am definitely loving this what do you say?

Now I do not watch a lot of football/Soccer, but when I watched the final FIFA U-20 game live that faithful day in 2005, one player stood out and that player was Mikel Obi. Yes Nigeria lost the game but Mikel gained fame. It was touching to see how he handled the defeat but hey the game continues.Glad to see he is doing well with Chelsea.
Who is your favorite player?

Poor Lauren what was she thinking! What are you thoughts readers? At least she knows South Africa (such as)
I am not a therapist so I decided to go ahead share this email I received with you my dear loyal readers!

Dear Naijagal,
I am currently torn, you see I have a job i am not so crazy about, it pays ok but my manager is a pain. She is a micro manager to the core. She gives unreasonable deadlines. I try to explain to her but she would not listen and some times asks if I know what I am doing. Mind you I have over 8 years experience in the area I am working in, which is a complex part of technology. I have been receiving recruiter calls that would pay $15k-20k more than what I make but I wanted to go back to school to try out another industry. What should I do should I take the new opportunity and wait once more?
Thanks ps I love your blog,
I previously blogged about him here and here now

If you notice frm some of his pictures he is wearing a ring. Well so it is ladies, he is married to a lovely lady called Adjoa. They have two wonderful lovely daughters, J-dyl, three and J-ian, one.

Here is a picture of his stunning wife and his kids

Also for all the fans who emailed me asking about his nationality, well here it is from the man himself

“My father is Dutch and my mother is of Ghanaian and Liberian parentage. So you see I belong to all three and that’s the nice thing about being mixed.”

Well so there you have it!
Quite unbelievable, since the inception of Naijagal we have received over a hundred thousand visitors! mainly from north America and the UK!

Check out the styles from the Nigerian fashion week thanks to purefoto.com!

thanks once again to purefoto.com here are threads from Nigeria's fashion week!
What have I learned from blogging thus far?
1. you will always get the anonymous folks placing silly comments with made up names like Pamela Lerin
2. You laugh it off because it means someone is taking notice
3. Comments are not the determinant of how well your blog is doing
4. You determine the scope of your blog
5. You have fun with it, may I say it is a calling!

Also a new picture of the guy who brings a lot of visitors to Naijagal Van vicker!

photograph taken by fab nacha

So having said that! What are your plans this weekend?
Well I guess it is back to the same spot! No running home from the diaspora!JUSTICE STOPS REVALUATION plan! too bad for dear old Kobo
Certainly program near and dear to my heart is http://www.kiva.org!
You hear about people needing help and how you wish you could help out, well here it is. You can help other enterprenuers in Africa.

here is a profile of a lender called Melissa!

"Location: New York, NY United States
Occupation: Marketing Executive
I loan because: I loan because I believer everyone needs an extra boost in life to achieve their goals and pursue thier dreams.
About me: I help big companies who advertise on television make a better connection with those who are watching television.
Member Since: Jun 26, 2007"

and here is the recipent from the program

Mrs. Isoken is 48 years old and is happily married with 8 children. She lives in Benin City, Edo State in Nigeria. She has been with LAPO for two years. She sells ladies' wear and needs this loan to buy more clothes, shoes and bags to sell

Her current loan is $475 which she will pay as time goes on!

It is a great idea wouldn't you say? hey kiva folks are you looking for folks to be part of the program?
I am so glad to be home in the silicon valley, how is your weekend, sorry about the lack of posts expect some more real soon!
Okay sorry for the lack of posts the last few days! Now that the naira is about to be revalued,
so if you earn N20000 it means you would earn N200 come august 1 2008. Is this confusing or what? Is it even feasible?

this is certainly a must see!
thanks to the new fab magazine kitu kizuri (at all barnes and nobles) Patrick is the bachelor of the month so ladies get in touch!
Next I have always loved sun goddess style. Check out two items from her fab collection!

what do you think? how is your day going? have a fab day!

Tyra Banks, Iman, Kimora Lee Simmons and Alek Wek will be gracing the cover of Ebony magazine’s September issue. Don't you just love it?

Interesting! Well I am speechless, good luck brother. Or what do you say readers, does he have a shot at the grand prize?

On a lighter note this cannot be real can it?

Alex Wek is now a writer! Good luck to her too.

Its friday tommorrow!The weekend is here already!

Chinedu Echeruo founded HOPSTOP, which is the walking equivalent of MAPQUEST. According to local insider "While the site has been designed as a destination site, its information is also being licensed to local companies, such as Real Estate brokerages, who can use it to provide directions to potential buyers. There are currently five customers paying $25,000 each per year for licensing rights, including Coldwell Banker and Corcoran (a New York Real Estate powerhouse)." Chinedu won the innovator of the year award from Black enterpise. Supposedly revenue from the site is over 3.2 million dollars this year. Kudos to Chinedu!


American morning Anchor for CNN. According to CNN "Lola Ogunnaike is the entertainment correspondent for CNN's flagship morning news program, American Morning. Based in New York, Ogunnaike joined CNN in May 2007 and reports on pop culture and entertainment news as part of American Morning's daily news coverage.

Ogunnaike has been covering entertainment news since 1999. Prior to joining CNN, Ogunnaike was the top culture reporter for The New York Times and spearheaded its entertainment coverage, writing profiles of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey and Sting for the paper's "Arts and Leisure" section.

Before that, she was a features reporter at the New York Daily News, where she covered breaking news on celebrities and entertainment for "NOW," the paper's entertainment section, and for the Rush and Molloy column. Previously, Ogunnaike was a contributing writer for Vibe magazine, where she was responsible for monthly music features and cover stories. She has also had her work published in Rolling Stone, New York, Glamour, Details, Nylon, the New York Observer and V Magazine."


Nosa Omogui is the founder and chairman of NERVANA. According to NERVANA "Nervana is dedicated to the innovation of leading knowledge discovery technologies that enable knowledge based workers to more efficiently find, correlate and retrieve the information from vast repositories both inside and outside their enterprise. The industry leading Nervana Discovery Solution is an intelligent knowledge discovery technology that understands and efficiently translates the true semantic meaning of the inquiry, enabling direct access to meaningful data. "

According to the seattle times "Omoigui has created a way for researchers to efficiently search through Medline, a massive, government-owned database of documents related to health sciences and medicine. His search engine is so precise, he said, that it can answer such narrow requests as "What is the impact of cell death on lymphatic cancer?"
Kudos to him.


Free 411 is a must today. 411sms makes that possible. This hot startup was founded by Uyi. The site also makes finding hotspots possible.

According to the number 1 blog on the web ENGADGET "While we all wait around for WiMax, we're stuck searching for WiFi hotspots in order to get our Net on. Sure, war-chalking is one low-tech solution, but 411sms has just made the task a little easier, allowing cellphone users to text "wifi: my location" to their SMS servers, and receive a list of local hotspots in response. Users with certain GPS-enabled phones don't even need to enter their location, as 411sms's servers will pull that data automatically"

More to come what do you say?

What do you say, is it a hit or miss?

By now you must have heard that Big brother AFRICA is back again, but what is even more exciting is the interior of the big brother house, I mean it can't get better than this! What do you say?
okay so no pictures just yet but according to Chicago sun times

"Despite canceling their nuptials scheduled to occur earlier this week, the on-again, off-again wedding of Usher and his pregnant fiancee was finally on -- and held quietly Friday, sources told Stella's Column late Friday night.
The multiplatinum singer married his longtime girlfriend, Tameka Foster, who is several years older than he, during a private ceremony in his lawyer's office in Atlanta on Friday, sources said.
Among those present was Usher's mother, Jonetta Patton, who, it has been widely reported, staunchly disapproved of the marriage. Foster was reportedly largely responsible for Usher firing his mom as his manager last May.
The pair, who are expecting their first child together this fall, had been scheduled to marry last weekend before Usher publicist Patti Webster announced the wedding was called off.
The couple reportedly disagreed over an elaborate prenuptial agreement supported by Usher's mother. "

Uhm does that mean she gets a new home. CONGRATS USHER!!

"Standing at 5.9ft tall, with statistics 37, 34 and 25, dark skinned Blessing Bassey moved from absolute obscurity to Supermodel status, when she emerged winner of the Nigeria Model Awards 2007. The International Relations Undergraduate of the University of Lagos beat fourteen other contestants to emerge victorious at the keenly contested event, which held last Saturday at the Muson Center Lagos."

She won a chance to be part of the Super Model of the world Contest in Newyork! Good luck to her.

hmm was it something in the bottled water?

Profile of the day corporate lady OMOBOLA JOHNSON

'Omobola Johnson Omobola Johnson is the Country Managing Director of Accenture in Nigeria and becomes the first woman to hold that position. Omobola holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester and a Masters degree in Digital Electronics from King's College, London. She joined Accenture, then Andersen Consulting in 1985'







Flex time right?
What do you have planned this weekend?

Just remininscing, fun times free time.. No bills pampered child...
Hey readers check out a successful banker in NAIJA doing her thing. (picture coming soon)

She was a previous director at Platimum Bank and she currently runs a consulting business. More on her success later on today

This week I will be profiling, successful women in the corporate sector. Watch this space later today. Also I will be profiling an artist who is making huge strides in Germany and world over whose lineage happens to be African/Nigerian.

Oh and a cool link for you 5 cent airline ticket! You heard right 5 cents or 600 naira ticket from spirit airlines. But you have to buy today.