HOT boutique alert!

Forever 21 dress above 18 dollars!

We are waiting for this eboutique to launch! Well all I can say about this boutique is that there is nothing over $25!!! check this out, a top by arden b "$68" retail will be selling for $18 dollars!!! is that hot or what? Will you shop at the site?
You may remember her from a previous post. Well she is back to tell you about her home town and her latest single! Well kudos to her

Check out this screen test below by a Naija director, Now this is the future of Nollywood.

Finally this clip by Zaina! Where is the full clip?

Naija gals looking hot wouldn’t you say? What do you have planned this weekend?
It looks like she is! That would be nice wouldn't it ? Oh but I do know who is defintely Preggers!

Christina Aguilera!

and of course! USHER'S WIFE TO BE TAMEKA! This one is confirmed by USHER himself! it is a wrap!

Why is this exciting to moi? Because I am looking at a maternity line as my first design, what do you say?

Naijagal readers there is a new fashion line being launched called LSHANDI on July 14th

Here is what the LSHANDI founder had to say:

"I was born and grew up in Nigeria which is where I got my inspiration for my designs. Having always wanted to be individual in everything I did, I have tried to change things up and stand out. I am fascinated by vintage designs and some of creations have vintage influences. L~Shandi designs are a mix of western designs with traditional African fabrics in a way that gives you the freedom to create your own look by integrating them with your existing wardrobe.
Wear any of the tops with a pair of jeans or dress it up by wearing it with a dressy bottom. The easiest way to figure out what color to co-ordinate an L~Shandi piece with is by going with the color of the inner lining. "


She is Nigerian and She is the only black model on the show. She is still in the show. What is with the fish on her head though?

Check out the clip of the show

Well that is it for now, what do you say about the lshandi ( short for lepa shadi clothes) and what do you say about morayo? I would love to hear your comments.

pics from CNN.COM

Oh so adorable! I have been a fan of tiger since my bay area days! I even had his poster! Here are pictures of Alexis woods, his lovely daughter . Isn't she just adorable! Hey readers what do you say?
Nicole Coste with her son by the Prince of MONACO! I have to say he is all grown up and looking quite handsome. Just in case in you do not know who Nicole Coste is, here is a quick summary. Nicole Coste is the Togolese born french citizen who fell in love with Prince Albert of Monaco. From the romance their son Alexandre (grand child of Princess Grace) was born. Zahara is all grown up now, looking darling with mum Angelina Jolie and her sister

In other news "Van Vicker" Fans if you were in New york this past weekend, Van Vicker was signing autographs! Watch out for the interview. How was your weekend? I had a good time. What did you do?
Hi Naijagal readers! Sorry for being MIA (Missing in action).

I could not have envisioned a better day! I am inspired my dear readers! I will be launching my fashion line soon! I am actually writing a business plan as I blog. Why am I so excited you may ask? because my fellow fashionistas, I met PETER SOM yesterday. He talked about his inspiration for his clothes. We took a picture afterwards. To say I was star struck somewhat was an understatement. If you don't know much about him well here is a synopsis:

'Peter Som made his stellar debut at Seventh on Sixth in the Bryant Park tents with his Spring 2001 Collection. Since then, his clean, unfettered yet feminine clothes have been winning accolades from buyers and critics alike. In a 2003 article entitled “This American Moment,” Cathy Horyn of the New York Times identified Peter as “one of the best young designers working today.” In a recent issue of WWD, Jacqui Lividini of Saks Fifth Avenue said, “We’re having one of the best designer seasons in a long timeƉ” citing Peter Som among the top sellers. Peter’s most recent collections have been included in editorial features in major fashion publications, including Vogue, W, Town and Country, Harpers & Queen and InStyle. Reinforcing the Peter Som image of young, luxe, American style, an international Tiffany & Co advertisement earlier this year featured a gown from Peter’s Fall 2003 collection'

And here is a sample from his collection!

What do you say readers?

Hottie Van Vicker and Nadia Buari glamming it up for the paparazzi!

Came across this picture from feelsgood2behome, so does that mean John Legend and Tayo are back together? I remember blogging about them from one of my early blog posts. What are your thoughts?
Genevieve Magazine Publisher Clarifies Morning Dew Mix-Up
Lagos , Nigeria – 13 June 2007 Following the outcry from readers of Genevieve Magazine over an article which seemed to indicate that HIV positive individual should be avoided. Mrs. Betty Irabor today, responded by issuing a statement on the magazine’s website and on various blogs.
In her statement Mrs. Irabor states: “I take full responsibility for my words and actions. I am… ultimately accountable for the contents of my publication”
Mrs. Irabor regretted that the main moral and message of the article (the lamentable fact that Nigerians appear to be insensitive to the plight of people living with HIV/AIDS and the daily prejudice and discrimination that HIV positive people are subjected to) did not emerge in the final edited printed version.
“I had felt that the everyday prejudice faced by people living with HIV/AIDS was an issue” She said. “ I wrote the article to illuminate this issue and it ended up having the opposite effect because of an editorial slip”.
Citing deadline pressure she said: “I did not notice the error until the magazine was on the stands. Genevieve readers are unusually smart, well educated and reassuringly sensitive; and it was obvious that they found the article offensive… I’m not pleased that I’ve been the primary cause of that offence. Even more importantly, I have apologized to Yinka Ekpe (the subject of the article) herself and her husband, and they were kind enough to offer me their forgiveness.”
Addressing the issue of the outpouring of opinion and the deluge of email from Genevieve readers, she said: “One good outcome of my mistake is the overwhelming response of Genevieve readers and the Nigerian public at large, and the clear message that this response sends: people living with HIV/AIDS have advocates in the Nigerian public who care about their plight and are ready to speak up in their defence. Thank you , Nigeria , for taking notice, for chastising me and for teaching us all how to care again.”
Mrs. Betty Irabor is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Genevieve Magazine, Nigeria ’s foremost women’s magazine. Genevieve was first published in february, 2003 and has been acclaimed nationwide as one of the most influential publications in the country.
The March 2007 edition featured a cover photo of an HIV positive mother and her HIV negative baby. The controversial current edition of Genevieve features Dr Oby Ezekwesili on the cover and contains a publisher’s note written by Mrs. Irabor about prejudice against HIV positive individuals.

I say please let it be she has apologized! Lets all work together.

There is certainly no stopping this lady! Deola Sagoe is probably the one of the best designer's to come out of Nigeria! Check out some of her latest lines on her stylish website! Love it!

Check out more on Tonipayne's blog

Well so i got this in my inbox today. Don't lie you all know you read Zane's erotica books, well this is a yet to be released book by a Naija! hmmm all I can say is kudos to Abeke quick question though do you feel there is a market for erotica in African society? I mean this is not some "manhood flower" thing like Harlequin or Mills and Boon. The book is supposedly going to be down loadable only so I guess it will be discreet!

I want to hear you comments on this one. What do you say?
Iman on the cover of Vanity Fair! This month's tribute is a full magazine dedicated solely to Africa! I have never seen anything like it! Iman is stunning as always! May I also say ageless and timeless!


Now onto the other story, one of many featured in the magazine! The story of the lazarus effect. I was reading bellanaija's blog today regarding the statements made by Betty Irabor in her magazine. It just so happened that bella's post today coincides with what I planned to show you readers. That people are living with the virus. If given the right treatment. You may have seen pictures of "aids is real" , while it is real we must also celebrate the successes over the years especially in Africa!

This picture below is a picture of Silva stricken from AIDS

This is a picture of her today? Do you see the difference? This is all thanks to the ARV drugs available for $140 a year as opposed to $10000 previously. "First introduced in 1987, anti-retroviral drugs—ARVs for short—block H.I.V.'s assault on the body's immune system. As the drugs have improved, becoming less toxic and easier to take, they have largely turned aids in the Western world from a death sentence into a manageable disease. But the drugs' high price—a year's supply can exceed $10,000 in the developed world—has kept them way out of reach for most Africans. In 2003, a coalition of activists led by former president Bill Clinton pulled off the heroic feat of persuading four manufacturers to make ARVs available to developing countries for $140 a year." vanity fair june 2007.

The magazine is huge! I will blog some more about the other featured stories in the magazine.

Now onto some fun facts!

Dbanj got his BMW from the charitables! Who are the charitables you may ask? They are the pirates! The made so much money from him they gifted him a BMW.

So back to the story above what do you say? My thoughts are people will live if given the right drugs! As you can see from the picture.

Pic above is 32 year old Alex Okosi! Head of MTV base who made it all possible and is on the front cover of the latest FORBES magazine!

Watch out for the full context later today, where Naijagal will bring you the full facts and figures! This is especially geared towards Naijas in the Diaspora, who need to become aware of the huge profit being made in Nigeria and Africa as a whole! The time to invest is no better time than now!

Quick trivial? What was the first video played on MTVBASE AFRICA?


Watch out for the full text later today when I update this post with facts and figures! it is going to be a thrilling ride.

While still working on my other exclusive, here is one for today! Deal or no deal Nigeria.

According to the wiki entry for Deal or no deal Nigeria "Deal or No Deal Nigeria is the Nigerian adaptation of the international game show format Deal or No Deal. It will air on M-Net Africa on Saturdays at 18:00. The first series is set to premiere on July 7, 2007, and finish on December 29, 2007. As in many other versions, models hold 26 cases, with values going up to USD$100,000."

I am especially proud that this show is coming to Naija! To those who do not know foreign show franchises also have their presence in Nigeria, from shows like big brother, who wants to be a millionaire to deal or no deal Nigeria! I wonder if they would have a "Wife swap" next or a "bachelor" show next. Never say Never! here is a cross some of the models on the new show.

Here are a cross section of the models from the south African version!

God knows I will be following the Nigerian version of this show every week! I wonder who the models would be? Perhaps Emede or Chinwe?

Check out this video of the south African Version of Deal or No Deal

Well what do you say readers? are you sold on the idea for Nigeria? And remember you heard it first right here on Naijagal! Hey I want to get readers involved, if you have an idea or some entertainment story you want to see featured on Naijagal, post a comment or send an email to NAIJAGALS@GMAIL.COM
You just never know......
Want to know what it is? check back today at Midnight NAIJA TIME! Thanks for reading Naijagal. Okay where are the 24 commenters?
Okay if you do not know who this guy is you need to see his site! He owned 8 properties and lost quite a number of them. He shut down his blog and now it is back up! Was that a marketing game? He has his supporters who are called supportez and his haters who are called haterz

Click here to view the iamfacingforeclosure blog

Chinwe Ezeribe

Why did she chose modelling?

She believed she had the stature for modelling. She has been
modelling for five years now.She was second runner up in the Most Beautiful
girl in Nigeria contest.

When asked if her parents are supportive of her career, she said " Yes, Initially
they weren't until my elder sister pleaded on my behalf."

When also asked how she stays in Shape,she replied "I do not do anything,I believe
it is hereditary, I can eat anything, I eat a lot and don't get fat."
She was "groomed" by Sabrina Jabari. Her best job was the "St Moritz Style Selection"

Fome Emede

She is a graduate of University of benin
She has worked with tiffany amber, zulu Bet from South Africa
Mon Ami and Zizi Cadrow. She was taught by Modella and she came in
Second at the Silver bird Model Competition.

Is there any type of Modelling she would not do?

In her words pose nude
In her words "You must always remember the society you come from".

What do you think? Do they have what it takes? Have you seen both ladies on the runway?