Lets do the math together shall we? One crore rupee is ten million rupees! which means he paid 150 million rupees in tax which would be equivalent to $3.5 Million dollars or there about! Not bad, if I may say so! Hopefully Nollywood will get there someday.

Lanre Da Silva Ajayi


Lisa Folawiyo

They have style they have class! You have to see . I have blogged about Lanre Da Silva before in previous posts! I just love her style, can you say ultra chic?

Mummy to be Lisa Folawiyo makes use of Ankara fabrics! I love her style. Africa has one of the nicest prints ever! May I say she looks fabulous pregnant!

Mabruka (Center Pic) designs sleek clothing.

Generation Next designers to look out for? Amaka Ibekwe! also Isoken John!
This is definitely a guilty pleasure of Naijagal! Monique teaching the flavor of love "ladies" some etiquette! Check out this silly clip of the show.

What do you think readers? do you watch the show?

Uploaded by
Rihanna's Umbrella Video is on fire! love it!

I am also loving the lil Mama Lip gloss video! Check it out

I am loving this video! Stylish, Fashion able what do you say? Thanks to Fioye for the heads up on this one! Rhi Rhi looks haute!

Model and actress, Elizabeth Hurley’s famous spat with her in-laws has taken up the media spotlight just as her extravagant wedding with Indian businessman Arun Nayar.

Is something not right about this video? I think she should work it out with her in laws.
I am yet to Understand the drama behind the Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty Kiss?

Is it me or what is the big deal about kissing on the cheek? It looks as though they were simply having fun. This is Nickelodeon cartoon stuff!

Now I see why the movie Nishabd is supposedly banned in India. I am not going to lie, I look forward to seeing this movie featuring Amitabh Bachchan as an older character and his 18 year old love interest! Check out his music video below

Guess what? The addis ababa fashion week is coming up soon! I will be updating this blog on that event so watch out!

It is so on! Mel B aka scary spice baby pictures in Ok magazine! I find it interesting that both editions of OK MAGAZINE! (USA and the UK) hardly ever have the same front page! But not this time "Eddie" will definitely not miss seeing his baby thanks to the screaming headline "EDDIE MURPHY MEET YOUR DAUGHTER!" AND "EDDIE MEET YOUR BABY"

Also ROSIE O'DONNELL leaves the view today, I guess Donald Trump is ecstatic!

Check out Rosie O'Donnell leaving the view video below:

Guess what? The new president of France could be Segolene Royal, a lady. Check out future Madame President's picture! Girl Power! I love it!

What do you say do women make better leaders? I want to know your opinion.
Send me your link and add mine to your blog and I will add yours. More news headlines
on the way!

They look so blissfully happy! I am happy for them.

Beyonce Knowles got sued by 90's pop sensation Dziree over the song 'Kissing You'. Well I remember the song from way back especially "You gotta be" so I guess the Beyonce is listening "as her day unfolds" in the words of the song.

Here are pictures of the newly weds Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan as they visited
Tirumala Temple earlier today to offer prayers.

Originally uploaded by naijagalblog.

Here is a pic from FUNKE BUKNOR, one of Nigeria's top wedding planning firm! What do you say? I think the print is pretty!

As though the couple need this on their wedding day! But apparently Jahnavi Kapoor, an actress who played a small part in a movie next to Abhishek Bachan tried to commit sucide because she claims he promised to marry her! What do you say about this?
Aishwarya wedding picture

At temple prior to the wedding

Aishwarya looking too cute!

Here is a video compilation of the gorgeous couple!

I just love it! they finally got married! and since it is Friday all we can say is congratulations. Enjoy their music video as we celebrate.

here they are the new Mr and Mrs BACHCHAN!
Abhisek on his way to his bride!

Also Aishwarya's dress was designed by the NEETA LULLA!

Coincidentally Aishwarya will "live with her in laws" and will now use her hubby's name "Bachchan". She will be known as "Aishwarya Bachchan" and it is said she will continue acting!
Nice what do you say?
First let me say it has been a difficult week. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the students from Virginia Tech

Sanjaya got voted off American IDOL last night! I definitely would miss his hairstyle, his take me as I am demeanor. But then again he probably has hair companies lining up to take him as their hair model so no worries!

Here is his final goodbye from last night's show, just in case you missed it:

Sanjaya definitely made the show fun each week. What do you say?
I blogged about Onna previously. I just have to say I love her bags! This is a lady who has been featured in InStyle magazine, her bags are also in Fred Segal in Los Angeles. She grew up in Nigeria.

Susan Honesty
From a journalist to a fashion designer! Ego really has the creative style and drive to succeed.

Stunning Susan Eyo Honesty is definitely a designer to watch. She is currently the Deputy Editor in Chief, City People magazine. She also has her fashion line called EVE, of which she makes use of African prints just like other african designers to showcase her fashion talent.

Interesting point to note: She started out designing for Men but later switched to womens clothing. What do you say? I am off to go get my Onna bag and I hope to have Susan design an outfit for moi sometime.

Ben Onono was born in Cardiff, but raised in West Africa.

Check out his music here and his website here

What do you think? what is your favorite track! How is your day going?

Here is a clipping I found of the fashion show. I must say I am yet to decide which outfit I am fond of. But that is a lot a dresses to send down the runway! and that is why I have to say kudos to ODIO MIMONET! Love the name.

I will be making new updates to NAIJAGAL; I am excited about the blog's direction. Hey readers let me know what you would like to see more of and I will do my best to oblige. Just as long as it is fashion or entertainment related.
Hi readers! How are you doing this sunday morning, well before we talk about fashion lets view the results from the governorship elections in Nigeria.



See more results here at NYEMONI'S BLOG

We pray and expect the elections to be free and fair today.
Election or no election! Yours truly has an OWANBE style party to attend this weekend, so you may notice the songs selected today are in true OWAMBE style. However before we get to that here is a cool fashionista set to place her mark on the fashion makeup landscape.


Here is what we gathered about BUNMI
She does bridal makeup as well! She sells wedding RINGS and accessories! Must be big as weddings are definitely big business.

She has been in business for 2 years now!

She offers training on Mondays and Wednesdays

Something interesting she said " Nigerians like to make Noise so you have to learn how to make noise!" basically referring to her use of a lot of advertising to promote her business and may we say she has the drive.

Here are pics of her work and the fashionista at work:

Now time for OWAMBE MUSIC.




I learned how to tie my GELE oh thanks to AM EXPRESS ON NTA! I AM ALL SET TO LOOK HA UTE! What are your weekend plans? Have a good weekend and lets see how the elections go tomorrow as well!

So glad to see Ramsey back after that horrible accident. God is good. I met Ramsey probably a year ago, cool guy but honestly I am not pleased with the out fit worn here! What do you say hot or not?

what in God's name is this! Florence ITA GIWA! Please Please this was not the right look for you good lady!

Once again Top designer Cranberry rocked the Runway! What do you say?
Tres chic!

Did it happen finally? Inquiring minds want to know. The most beautiful girl in Nigeria 1989 who still looks stunning supposedly got married on April 9 or rather easter Monday? Does anyone know about it? Well kudos to both bride and groom (Dr Tunde) if they did. Congrats to a fashionista star who still looks 21!

Well you may have already heard; LARRY BIRKHEAD is the FATHER of Anna Nicole Smith's child but then again, I knew he had to be the daddy from the start! Once you saw little Dannielyn you could easily tell who is the daddy; They have similar facial features.

The question now is who will raise her and will LARRY pay his old Lawyer 620000 dollars as invoiced? What is that in Naira?

79,360,000.(Seventy Nine Million Naira)

What does the average lawyer in Nigeria make?
Check out the models from the Nigerian Fashion Show recently held in Lagos!

Now check out the upcoming Nigeria's NEXT TOP MODEL

which show's model do you prefer? Well you be the judge!

Here it is the pictures! Thanks to purefoto paparazzi fashionistas! History is made!

Nolly wood stars were also in attendance! Lady what is up with the blond wig? Not feeling it.

Check out Remi from Remi Lagos

I just love the runway look! Tinapa had a successful launch it seems! What do you say? Check out more pics