my dream job on vacation!


I have been wondering, now that I have this quest to become a Private Label Designer. Where should I start? I mean it is easy to say drop every thing and just do it. Well I found a solution! It is not cheap but it is probably the best way to start. I am talking about VOCATION VACATIONS! Has anyone tried it out? You basically take a vacation and at the same time try out for your dream career!

Now it is not cheap but it should be worth it!

Here is one for a Fashion designer! $1299!!!

Fashion: Global Purchasing Group, NYC, NY
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Rather than search forever for that perfect outfit to wear to the big event do you head to the sewing machine or add those little touches that make any old garment the one special piece? Were you the one in school who was always on the cutting edge watching everyone’s style fall into line with yours? If you think you have what it takes to be a fashion designer, then you are ready for your very own VocationVacations® holiday at Global PurchasingGroup with fashionista, Mercedes Gonzalez!

Well what do you think Comments anyone?


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