Sorry it has been a while I have been busy with my new line of shoes and clothing! launching soon. Enough about me what do you all think about yomi?
She is a model with Storm Models ? What do you think?


I love blokes and divas style plus the fact that the owners are naijas and hip!

Located in Lagos , Nigeria , with operations in Italy and South Africa , Blokes ‘n Divas have managed to dramatically change the way ethnic fashion is seen and appreciated. The label is owned by Teddy Legbedion and Patrick Osaghae who were both born in Benin City , Nigeria , and studied Agricultural Economics and Mechanical Engineering respectively. Despite these scientific fields, both had a natural fashion instinct and a cutting edge afro centric attitude. Teddy and Patrick say that studying what they had has not deviated from their fashion talents at all - “we have been able to successfully synchronize our professional training and management in our activities.” This is proof that style is inborn and understanding its psychology is inevitable and its one of our greatest points. We have been able to carve a niche for ourselves in the highly competitive style industry not withstanding the initial challenges”.

Wale Adeyemi is a hot designer in England who has dressed the likes of Victoria Beckham.
Here is what WIKIPEDIA has to say about him.

"Walé Adeyemi is a young British-born designer and stylist.
Walé graduated from the Thurrock Technical College, he went on to further his studies at the Kent Institute of Art and Design.
Walé was presented the Fashion and Design Award at the Multi-Cultural Awards in 2001. He also received an accolade at the Urban Music Seminar a year earlier, and has recently become an ambassador for the Prince's Trust. As well as his B-side collection (titled "Somewhere Between the Kerb and the Boutique"), celebrities he has clothed include Ms Dynamite, June Sarpong, Alicia Keys, Mos Def, Reggie Yates, Beyonce, Amerie, Charlotte Church, Missy Elliot, Lisa Maffia, and David and Victoria Beckham."

Have you bought any of his designs? Please fill a naijagal in! In any case, here is his
Sorry it has been a couple of days since my last posting. I intend to make it up :) For starters did anyone watch the miss universe competition last night? What happened to Africa. Miss Trinidad was the only one who got to the top 10? Naijagals what is up with that? A little side note to the fashionistas out there pst there is a new online shopping guide heading our way! May be a little pricey who knows but you can subscribe and recieve weekly emails of the latest fashions and trends and gadgets. Yes I do have a techi side and if you must know I am studying "Asynchronous javascript and xml". I have loved technology from my first website back in 1996 to today's blog. Anyway back to the fashion stuff you want to hear about! News for fashion designers, all over the world! there is a niche not quite tapped as others out there and it is called CHILDREN'S CLOTHES! Honestly you should look to designing children's swimwear as opposed to adult because clearly the adult market is saturated.

Watched the top 5 music stars on NTA ok I must say I loved kween's track, rymzo was cool too. DARE, DARE, DARE!!! What is up with ESCALADE! Sounded like some old BET TRACK I HAVE HEARD OVER AND OVER AGAIN! AND THIS WAS NUMBER 1!!!!UNBELIEVEABLE! OH well naija will never change! Always trying to be what they are not!

if you have not seen the video here it is!

Naija universities are now offering Fashion Design degrees! Maybe attitudes towards this great craft will change. Check out uniben's schedule here. Pretty comprehensive in my opinion! Thoughts?

Is creating a maternity fashion line. Very unusual nice styles, here is a promo pic she sent to me. I will let you know when the line launches!What are your thoughts ??

A truly talented actress JOKE SILVIA gracing the covers of Genevieve. I remember nostalgically back in the day watching mirror in the sun and other programs she featured in. I wonder what ever happened to Barbara Soky? I recall also a sad time back then when Nosa of "behind the clouds" passed away. What was your favorite soap opera?

As always I support fiction from nigerian authors. Unfinished issues is one of such books. Interesting read dealing with ladies in Atlanta. Have you read it? What are your thoughts?

Unfinished Issues

HERE THEY ARE who is your favorite? Pretty much almost every girl is naija considers herself a model and why not?


If you are a child of the 80s and grew up watching indian movies! Then guess what youtube is your best friend! who can forget KABHI KABHI or NAGIN

IF YOU LOVED THESE MOVIES LIKE I DID! LEAVE A COMMENT tell me about your favorite movie of all time

Blogging can be fun it seems. All I can say is so far so good for this naijagal. I heard a comment from a sister of a friend of mine who was under major pressure to get hitched by her family, which went like this:

“Girl you betta get married oh you are not getting any younger!”

Worse still was her arriving naija for a wedding and her family already had someone picked out for her! One aunt even quipped “you know you have the tendency to get FAT!”

Talk about mean spirited! Anyway my people to cut the story short! She went for this guy! And is currently making plans for him to join her in the US. Na wa oh! Another pal was engaged to a guy she loved dearly who went on to Europe with the promise that he would return for her! But was that the end? Apparently not! Now that her fiancée was out of the way her family placed pressure on her to marry a nice guy who works in an oil company! Safe to say she married him out of pressure but rather than end up with a nice guy, she ended up with a wife beater! Chineke!

The craziest of all happened when a professor’s daughter got hitched to a guy whose family went around town holding his picture searching for a nurse or doctor! His family said he was in the US well would you believe after so many rebuttals! A pretty lady doctor! Fell for him (or his picture) and agreed to marry him? The guy was delighted! No one knew what he did for a living all they can say is she is going to USA.

Girls, guys has this ever happened to you? Talk to a naijagal and by the way congrats to the PRESIDENT OF GABON! HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY HIS WIFE LOOKS GOOD!

Occupation: Representing her country
Height: 180
Abiola was born and brought up in Lagos, Nigeria

Hopefully she will bring home the MISS WORLD crown once again.

Ok I admit As a fashion designer, I am inspired by Naija designers making it in the lime light. Trust naijas though, that is not a profession we encourage. However things are changing, parents are more understanding. 39 yr old Deola Sagoe listed in the photograph above (center) is designer whose designs are an inspiration.

Ok I just saw NTA2 CHANNEL 5! WHAT IS UP WITH DR LOVE!!! Some after hours show with a guy wearing leather pants! Na wa for naija oh! Some guy calls into the show and says he has four wives yada yada yada and how he loves them all the same!hmmm yeah right! Why do I find that hard to believe. This show is about infatuation and love, it is so annoying. The moderator asks "are you in love"
A lady on the line replies "i don't believe in love! There is nothing like love"
then he says "are you there don't do it I will cry oh! Are you there come back!".

What are your thoughts on shows like this? MTN GLO AND VMOBILE ARE MAKING SERIOUS MONEY! ok here is a design from ESTELLA COUTURE

Ok is it just me or is this a magazine with style comparable to instyle magazine in the US. I got a copy of the magazine and right away fell in love it. The articles are truly inspiring and it lets me know that naija is moving up. I read an interesting blog the other day and it made me wonder why even today some parents stand against their kids getting married to anyone outside of their tribe.

Thank goodness I do not have parents like that. They just want me to be happy! What about you what has been your experience?

check out genevieve mag at www.genevievemag.com

Oluchi is one lucky lady. From winning the face of Africa contest to marrying LUCA LUCA. I know this is old but If you have the wedding pics be sure to send them my way. I would love to see them. Meanwhile an old rumor has it that she actually went to seek Nigerian Actress Regina's help prior to contesting but did not receive any help. Do not know how true that is but that would be an irony of how tables turn.

Meanwhile what is up with Nigerian entertainment awards! Their website is still not updated with winners weeks later. I heard though the winner of the FASHION DESIGNER AWARD is Estella Couture! Who? If you know about her let me know because I have not seen any of her designs.

Comcast cable for those in the US has NTA2 on one of its channels? 677 well check it out if you are in the US.

A lot has been said about it is not being naija culture to have "by invitation only" at a wedding. That being said, I have to talk about a wedding I attended which had that rule. It was hilarious as they actually had a list of names and as you walked in they checked the names by the list!

"Miss N?" the bouncer asked as he checked the list.

"yes", I replied.

"you can go in," he said. To which I smiled and simply walked in. But guess what happened next. I got up from my table to drop off the gift at the gift table and once again another defacto bouncer asked " do you have an invitation?". You bet I was fuming big time. I said yes! And showed it to him. I was so furious after that I did not get up from my seat through much of the wedding. In any case, once the food got served. Everyone was then allowed in and all the ladies who had left returned. Do not ask me how they got the news oh!!

Hmm could she be the one to take John of the market?? Wouldn't that be amazing? TayowedsJohn.com. We should be happy for our sister not envy her. Yours will come too and when it does it will also be an amazing event. Now another question that comes to mind is how much would you pay to have a makeup artist at your wedding? Is it true that gals in naija pay 50000 naira and up to make up artists? such as Banke Meshida etc


My final question is what makeup line do you wear?
1. Mary Kay
2. Mac

or would you wear one of our own BM? FYI a new line www.fiercecosmetics.com would be launching soon I hear.

tell me

Weddings are getting classy these days naijas are now opting for stylish favors case in point above. No more buckets! please

love is global enough said!

Well aside from the constant nagging and pressure to get married from your elders. A true naijagal loves to live fashionably and enjoys socializing. The question is this:
What would it cost you to attend a wedding you are not invited to? Especially when the weddings states by invitation only? I attended a wedding recently and to the surprise of many gals dressed to impress WPI (Without Proper Invitation), there was a bouncer at the door! Well trust our ladies they calmly walked back to their cars and bailed swearing not to be caught in such an embarassing situation again. Sometimes, I wondered was it worth it?

Fashionista!! Ok so i am Naija gal and like any other Naija gal out there, I love fashion! I also love weddings and shoes!!! I tend to support all good things from all over the world including Naija. This is my first blog but you are in for a treat.

OK so suddenly there is a craze for wedding websites in the Naija community. Is this a new fad here to stay like the new ovation? You tell me.